News Roundup

And talking about giving the finger:

...let NYFC sink.

...they hate us, we move, Q.E.D.

From the Global Cooling Climate Warming Change© front:

...make ’em starve, guys:  join the Frogs and Krauts, make your own European Union.  Also:

...some would call it prudence, others would call it hypocrisy.  I report, you decide.

On the Police Blotter:

...wait [putting on Sarah Hoyt’s Shocked Face]:  you mean criminals don’t obey gun-prohibition laws? 

And speaking of gun laws:

...git ‘er done, cher.

...that’s not really breaking news, is it?  We’ve been doing that anyway, since Trump was still only a millionaire.

In the Dept. of Vanishing Things:

...wait:  could this crisis be from vegans becoming a dying breed?  One can only hope.

And in International News:

...and as plans go, this sounds like a good one.

...lemme guess:  for boys, Mohammed, Piotr and Jetmir;  for girls, Ngxoza, Jasmin and Agnieszka.

...presenting Dr. Kim’s Patented Anti-Seagull Devi©e:

And now ’tis time for link-free 

...and how many men would take the risk?

...not, mind you, that I think she said (or says) it that often, the Welsh tart.  But anyway:

And one from days of yore:

And that’s it for the news.


  1. So that bit about “studying male dominated degree” sent me down a rabbit hole (so to speak) on all things Vorderman. First, I thought she was much younger.. at 63 she’s a “our age”, which I sure Dr. Kim and most other here know, but I didn’t. Her degree is in Civil engineering. I don’t really understand the British system, but from what I gather, “third degree” means she has an undergraduate degree and finished in the middle of her class. It would make sense that being hot and one of the few women in that field she would know how to handle the occasional awkward nerdy approach. To her credit, before fully using her considerable “other” assets, she took a job in her civil engineering probably sitting in a dusty office filing drawings that no one will ever look at.

    That being said, “tart” is somewhat an accurate description. She’s unattached according to the Wikipedia. The money quote from there (which I’m sure has probably been mentioned here at some point):

    “Vorderman in 2022 declared a lack of interest in traditional monogamy, preferring to have “special friends” with benefits.”

    Yikes! Is my passport up to date? Yes but (sigh) doesn’t matter..

    1. A third is basically a pass.

      It used to be called a ‘Gentleman’s degree’, as it was for the upper classes who didn’t really do any work, but got into University through contacts.

      Vorders has got a little leftie in her old age; she had to leave the Beeb as her tweets were getting a little too political.

  2. Some thoughts.

    On leaving New York: It strikes me as sad that our learned forefathers didn’t include a provision in the constitution which would allow the majority of states to vote the Nere-do-wells out of the Union for cause. IMHO, New York has presented plenty of “cause” for the rest of us to set it adrift, as it has surely become unsalvageable.

    On the Farmer’s Protest: I agree, let the politicians starve. Sadly, it is the common folk who will feel the food shortages and price increases long before the *ssh*les do. Those in power will always be able to keep food on their table.

    EV Plan B: When they finally make an EV with a 500-mile range that can recharge while I’m having a cup of coffee, then I might consider owning one. But the reality of it is, few people of my retirement age, existing on Social Security, will ever own an EV. Those toys are for the rich, young, and stupid.

    Vegan demise: God made Man to eat meat. He made animals like cows, pigs, and chickens as tasty as they are for a reason. Veggies are for when there’s not enough meat, or as a side salad to accompany my mostly rare ribeye. No artificial, lab grown, factory formed, faux meat Wanna-Be will ever see the inside of my kitchen.

    1. NYC will be back. They actively supported the Brits in 1812 and the Draft Riots did much to encourage (and mislead) the Confederacy. But location, location, location.

  3. “Deadly Virus causes spontaneous erections that last for hours.”
    Majority of women say they are willing to take the risk.

  4. Re: Owning both an EV and an IC car

    Many of your readers own both a rifle and a shotgun. Just as with the cars, they are similar tools but excel at slightly different tasks.

    Back when I commuted 35 miles each way to work, an EV would have been nice but my F150 was (and still is) necessary for other tasks.

    1. Quentin,
      Thanks for the link. I can only imagine the levels of hell NYFC puts in place with their bureaucracy. Other governments are bad but NYFC must take it to a level of hell that Dante himself or Kafka himself could not imagine


  5. I know of one guy that only has an EV (high end Tesla) because he likes the acceleration. Says his kids love it. Drives a 4×4 as his usual vehicle though.

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