News Roundup

Trivia, propaganda, and made-up nonsense, all treated with the respect they deserve.

don’t be too sure, Scooter.  Depends on whose knee is on your neck.

as someone once said, you would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh like a hyena at this one.

finally, something President Braindead does that I can get behind.  [/selfish]

frankly, I think the Izzies should do a lot more of it.  (Fucking with the ragheads, and bragging about it.)

okay, can we go back to calling them the other thing then? [/wetbacks]

wherein Germany tries to copy Canada.

as Dr. Increasingly-Irrelevant strives to lose his title by finding another dead horse to beat.  And speaking of irrelevancies:

yeah, the only good thing about Covid was that it pushed this shrill little scold out of the headlines.  So now she gets to scold the world on medical issues?

I’m torn between indifference, and the prospect of future schadenfreude.


begging the question:  what, exactly, are the cases they will accept, if not on election fraud and Constitutional freedoms?  Useless fuckers.

Now for some INSIGNIFICA:

although to break my own rule, for once:  odds of Our Kim K. ending up with a White royal, billionaire or A-lister:  1,000 to 1.

Finally, some REAL news:

So here’s a small preview thereof:

Hey, it counts as news:  she’s a radio host, right?  Here’s a non-calendar pic of her going to work:

To paraphrase the late Cilla Black:  That’s a lorra-lorra woman, right there.

News Roundup

Short and not-so sweet.

also, a line of Ferrari vacuum cleaners, toaster ovens and curling irons.  What the hell:  why not?

I know:  sing a song, bonk a groupie, sing a song, fight with Keith, bonk a groupie, sing a song, rip off the Beatles, bonk a groupie, sing a song, bank lots of money.  All very boring, really.

I think he’s confusing 2021 America with 1971 South Africa.

of course not.  When they’re not even going to release his name

well, they would;  they’re all fucking old-school Communists and they sing off the same song sheet.

ya thank?  [watching all American professional sports circle the drain]

so for all the vets who voted Democrat:  enjoy your problem.  Too bad about the rest.

and just so we’re all in the know, they’re not the only European country where you can bonk a middle-schooler without penalty.

considering that one usually turns off the light before going to sleep, I would imagine that any wall color would be irrelevant .

and they say engineers are boring Key word:  Scotland.

I would suggest that before he goes to jail, he be tied spreadeagled and naked to a scaffold.  Then a few serious butch lesbians are given baseball bats and turned loose on him, so that he can take a little pleasure in his own pain, fear and humiliation.  Or maybe I’m just being too harsh.

of course, by “conservatives”, they mean “conservative Communists”, i.e. Trotskyites, compared to the Stalinism they all favor.

the real question being:  54 years on, people are still singing Yesterday, Eight Days A Week, Yellow Submarine and Hard Day’s Night.  In 2065, how many people will even remember a Taylor Swift song?



One of the above is not true.

Finally, let’s do something totally different and look at a TV presenter:

That’s Stacey Dooley.

News Roundup

All the news, hand-picked to further a narrative.

starting with your house, I presume?  And another part of the same story:

and yet somehow, we still don’t know the name of the cop who shot Ashli Babbit at the Capitol in January.

starting in your neighborhood and city, of course?

he’s going to feel the full effect of British Law:  a severe scolding and his PlayStation confiscated (for at least a week).

ummm no;  “infrastructure” is roads, bridges, electricity, water, and in a stretch, Internet access.  You dirty fucking Commie.

had mine, no problems. But wait a minute:

so if he was forced by Government to be vaccinated, would they be killing him?


of course he’s going to ascribe success to a repressive social policy rather than medicine, in much the same way as gun confiscation eliminates obesity.  But then there’s this:

which means that if the hapless Boris imposes yet another lockdown

…♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ If I can make it there / I’ll make my kid go bare ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪…

and you need to click on the link to get the punchline.  And speaking of punch lines:

only in a pussified society would this be considered bad advice.

except that urine negates chlorine’s benefits, another study will find.

but they already are:  Susie Has Two Mommies, Fisting For Fifth Graders, What’s Wrong With Wanting A Wah-Wah Instead Of A Pee-Pee, etc. etc. etc.



Finally, the thing you’ve all been waiting for:  some completely gratuitous pics of a beautiful woman.  Here’s 60s hottie Wanda Ventham.

Look familiar?

She’s Brit actor Bandersnatch Cummerbund’s Mum.

News Roundup

Some bad news, some good news, all treated with scorn, skepticism and a large helping of sarcasm.

this is actually excellent news.  The Tranny Formerly Known As Bruce is very conservative, politically speaking, and I can’t wait for the Democrats to go through this:

off the top of my headavoid looking at pics of Nancy Pelosi, watching President Braindead’s press conferences, and seeing a Gay Pride parade, to name but three.

they panic, I see it as ethnic Darwinism.  And that includes the morons who think that vaccines are a Gummint plot to alter their DNA / install a tracking system / [insert loony reason of choice here]

‘cos they’re just teeny little girls.  Who should be executed with just teeny little bullets.

never having regretted a one-night stand, I’m untouched by this.  And in similar vein:

my suggestion (says Dr. Kim) :  hook up with this coupleThat would teach her.

not that either of these posturing pustules has ever flown on Southwest, of course;  but just to be safe, they should be put on Southwest’s private no-fly list.

considering that United is already on my “don’t fly with them under any circumstances” list, I don’t have to worry about crashing because of Token Pilot Shawanda  (formerly Jamal) Washington’s screwup.

as if 2021 wasn’t going to be bad enough.

when you consider the lifetime’s teasing he’s had to endure because of his name, it’s amazing that this only happened when he was 38.  Anyway, he’s now “the late” so we need say no more about him.

And now it’s time for INSIGNIFICA (no links because ugh):


Finally, some outstanding views news , seeing as it’s Masters Week:

…putting the SCHWING!  back into golf:


The Pride Of Wisconsin

…and I’m not talking about cheese, or the Green Bay Packers.  No, I’m talking about Ed Gein of Plainfield, who lived a life which fed horror-film screenwriters for decades.  I knew his story, of course, but I was reminded of it by a newspaper article about him:

As well as the body of Bernice Worden – decapitated, strung up and gutted “like a deer” – they discovered a hoard of macabre keepsakes, from bowls made from human skulls to a belt made from female nipples and a lampshade covered with a face.

A nipple belt?  Even among the buxom, corn-fed Wisconsin women of the area, that’s a lotta women you have to kill to get that amount of material.

After Gein, all other mass murderers and nutcases look like amateurs, and the movie types (like Psycho‘s Norman Bates and the guy in Silence of the Lambs ) are pale imitators.