Nothing To See Here

Oh, really?

President Joe Biden said Tuesday that he would be sending officials out to knock on people’s doors across America to pressure them to take the coronavirus vaccine.

Just out of curiosity, has it become illegal yet to tell federal officials to fuck off and die?

Asking for a friend — who also wants to know where it says in the Constitution that the federal government can do that.


  1. We’ve had our shots (rabies, distemper, tetanus, polio in the pre sugar cube days, typhoid, covid) thank you. Wonder if they’ll be working from a list or just annoy everybody. I have a sign over my door bell that says “No soliciting and no trespassing.”

    It will be very interesting when the “officials” start looking for the meth heads in the backwoods of Oklahoma and Arkansas or the gang bangers in any one of a dozen third world urban shite holes.

    Vaccine botherer would not be high on my list of desirable occupations.

    1. I figure it would require the following personnel:
      -A recently hired, low-level Door Knocker
      -Another less-recently hired, but one level higher up Clipboard Holder (must be able to read at Third Grade level)
      -A minimum 3 police or Federal troops to provide security
      -An E-4 or above to command the Federal troops
      -Three vehicles (one for the civilians, one for the troops, one for the troop supervisor (with driver.)

      An enterprising person might use this to plan their party needs accordingly.

  2. They’ll get the same thing as the Jehovah witnesses, soliciting politicians, and any other miscreants that make it all the way down our 300′ gravel drive.

    A hail of shrapnel.

    Everybody that has ever violated our property rights has received a stern lesson in basic human decency. “If it ain’t yours leave it the hell alone.”

  3. Sending people door-to-door to visit unvaccinated persons to prevent the spread of disease. Oh the irony.

    Maybe they’ll hand out blankets.

  4. Hell, for efficiency sake lets just combine all this home visit crap together….forced vax shots, confiscation of our guns, and we’ll toss in some ballot harvesting for grins !!!! See, I can help out the other side of the aisle !!!!

  5. I’m kinda hoping Dementia Joe’s drones come knocking. I look forward running them off, crying for their mommies.

  6. So let’s say they hire 1000 people to do this hideous task. How long will it take to go to all the households in the US ? Say five calls per hour on an eight hour day, if they are efficient. With over 120 million households in the US we are looking at about 12 years to complete the task. Since they work for the government, more likely the five calls per hour is unrealistic. Let’s say two calls an hour if they survive the first visit to Kim’s home. So that would be about 30 years to do it.
    Papieren bitte!

  7. The temporary staff for the 2020 US Census was over 500,000, I was one of them for a little while until I could not hear a vocal response standing six feet away outside talking to masked up people since my hearing aids only work reasonably well. That count was a total goat fornication and it went from way behind at the end of September to 99.9 % done at the end of October, so they said. Census workers did have the legal right to enter property and knock on doors and then they were told to put down whatever a person said they were, male or female, that was the choice of the respondent, marital status, race, ethnic origin, the answers were never to be questioned because the truth was whatever they wanted it to be.

    So, if they come a knock’n and you happen to answer the door just replay in any language you want to make up and tell them, “No habla, xnay verstehen, Anglais and then make up deaf signing hand movements. Good chance they will want to run away because that’s what folks do who have little or no training and are asked to do stupid stuff.

    Biden says as much or more silly shit than Trump and that was one of the things that annoyed me about Trump, going off with words without thinking stuff all the way through. In Biden’s case, it’s without thinking period.

    1. …and the census is actually mandated by the Constitution.

      Unlike WuFlu, or any other vax checks.

      1. If you run it through the pigs first, then the smell will be hidden by the regular smells…

  8. …who also wants to know where it says in the Constitution that the federal government can do that…
    The’re NOT allowed but since they have gotten away with doing almost anything
    you care to mention, from some forms of taxation to election stealing, why would anyone
    think that ‘rules’ or laws or lack of laws, would stop ‘them’ ?
    This is just another straw on today’s camel !

    1. As I recall from my Administrative Law class, there are rights of entry and search that are beyond what the Fourth Amendment cases have allowed, so long as the state actors are doing it for health and safety reasons.
      Yep, once again, there are greater protections for criminals before the full weight and force of the government comes down on them than there are protections for heretofore law abiding folks for whom the government is coming down on them for their own health and safety.

  9. The strategic and proper response is to kick the canvasser in the balls, then call the cops about a trespasser vomiting on your porch.
    That avoids revealing that not all your guns were lost in Lake Tahoe when you moved by canoe from Kalipornia to Nevada, and also doesn’t provide any fodder for the antigunners.

  10. Where in the constitution does it say they can’t?
    They can’t force you to let them in or take the shots, but they can knock and ask nicely.

    Of course we all know that’s not how it’s going to go down, they’re going to try and trick people into thinking it’s mandatory.

    1. I’m going to thank them for their attention, and for coming by, but I really have to get back to my Kardashians marathon.

  11. I’ve been a “target” of the American Community survey twice now. Supposedly, not answering their questions is a federal crime, though it appears no one has ever been prosecuted. The survey is VERY intrusive, but I am assured that my answers are held in the strictest confidence (hmmm – have I heard that before? And since when does any government obey its own laws?). They’ve even left a hang-tag on our front door, in addition to the mailed (several in expensive cardboard document envelopes) requests for responses.

    Nope. Not answering.

    I won’t be any kinder to this person. And I’ve even had my shots. It’ll take the sheriff 20-30 minutes to respond to a trespass complaint; I suppose the gov’t man will have ample opportunity to be gone by then. I’m sure not going to hold him here.

    Neither will I shoot him, of course. My clients often seem to think that it’s perfectly legal to shoot trespassers; that is incorrect, of course. Don’t do it.

    1. I was chosen for that once, regular calls every month or two for a year. The lady calling me was very nice, and since I’d recently lost my high-paying full-time job due to government actions, and was unlikely to ever get another one (for the same reasons), I was very happy to tell her all about my current employment situation and prospects. I figured the fed could know just how I felt about them. I was very nice to the caller, and we rather looked forward to our chats.

  12. In my best deranged geezer voice, I hollar “Who are you!”.
    Irregardless of anything they say, in two seconds after my first “Who are you!”, I talk over them with another hollared “Who are you!”.
    They re-start the spiel as I interrupt with “Who are you!”.
    This is most amusing if I act as though my geezer derangement is coupled with a certain level of deafness.
    They are coached to elicit any ‘yes’ answer.
    Later, their tape is edited so my ‘yes’ appears to be in agreement with whatever they are selling.
    “Hello, is this LM?”
    A ‘yes, this is LM’ is edited so I agree to purchase a new Sony Beta VCR for the limited life-time payment plan of only us$29.95 monthly for ever.
    “Hello, is this LM?”
    Hollaring “Who are you!” avoids all that unpleasantness.

    1. or the ubiquitous (at least here with door to door scammers): “we need to speak to the owner of this house” without ever telling you what about.
      So I counter with “what about”, usually they try to avoid answering that question and just repeat they need to speak to the owner. At which point I slam the door at them.

  13. I have not been bothered by JW’s for more than forty years, because the last time one came, I instigated a long and winding theological discussion that went on and on for more than 45 minutes, all while we were standing in the doorway. I doubt I could think of something as prolix for these HIPPA violators, but if answering them in Flemish doesn’t get them on to the next house post haste, I suppose I could give it the old college try.

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