1. “‘ LOVE IS IN THE AIR ‘” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m a gonna be hold’n that !

    1. Upon closer examination, there is a car in this picture and there is a driver in it.

  2. “No thanks, I’ll just get a ride with the guy in the Mercedes 230”

    …said no woman EVER.

  3. Seen here escaping from yet another low-slung sporty foreign job, DeKnees wishes her afternoon/evening ‘work’ involved less evocation of her namesake!


    After another ‘fulfilling’ earning opportunity in a low-slung sporty foreign job, DeKnees uses her hem to ‘tidy’ her oral receptacle!


    Working toward her ‘law degree’ from the opposite side of TheLaw©, DeKnees deftly finishes ‘off’ a client!


    As official documents later revealed, DeKnees is just 4′ 10″ in stocking feet… and closing-in on an even six foot with her retro platforms!


    Surreptitiously passing the low-slung sporty foreign job, eagle-eyed DeKnees spotted a nickel and three pennies lodged under the floor-mat… score!


    DeKnees reaches a ‘high point’ in her ‘tour of duty’ just inhaling the fragrant interior of a low-slung sporty foreign job!


    After one-too-many ‘helpful hints’ about speed/braking/turns and remaining distance to her mother’s place for their obligatory Sunday supper — and her many missed opportunities to ‘use that thing for the purpose it was intended’ — DeKnees was unceremoniously evicted from the low-slung sporty foreign job!

    1. That’s what Paul Williams (Little Enos in “Smokey and the Bandit”) said once, although he admitted he didn’t know the polite words for such a car.

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