1. Just an fyi….check out ammoseek. I see Winchester and CCI under 60 cents and Ruskie stuff under 50 cents.

  2. Mr. du Toit,

    While that is a decent price for Ammo at the moment in today’s day and age I have another thought. Well, dream rather.

    Since the 2nd amendment is a RIGHT, unlike “free” healthcare and “free” college, I think the “Government” (aka the working taxpayers) should pay for every wanting American to get a free gun every year and ammo to go with it.

    That would be “wealth redistribution” in a way that our taxes go to the govt and then right back to us working people.

    All of the losers on welfare can work in new govt run ammo factories. If they don’t want to work – NO EBT card (every bodies taxes), no free Cell phones, no free section 8 housing. Work or starve.

    I know. A DREAM! But it would be nice.

  3. So much for 250 rounds for 79 bucks.

    Last time I bought 45 app that was what I paid. Umc as I recall.

  4. I’m voting to recall Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew by marriage, but I doubt there will be any improvement in the availability of mail order ammunition in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia.

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