Real Enthusiasm

So why would anyone believe or have any time for a movie stuntman (!) talking about his favorite tanks?

About one-and-a-half minutes in, you’ll see exactly why.

Money quote:  “If you can’t afford a Spitfire, [an Achilles tank] is the next best thing.”

Absolutely brilliant.

Then there’s this caustic take on horrible British tanks by a man after my own heart.

Money Quote:  “It’s not really bullet-proof.  Except from a revolver.  For a while.  From a distance.”

I have never before subscribed to any EwwwChoob channel, but I think I’ll do so for The Tank Channel.


  1. That is an interesting channel. Tanks are definitely an interesting mode of transportation.

    If you enjoyed that channel, check out Dragon Man. He is out of Colorado. He does everything from Gun sales (he is an FFL dealer) to machine gun rentals to a WW2 museum to classic cars to tanks. He is on the Ewww tube as well. Link below.

  2. David Fletcher – and the whole group at Bovington – do a great job. David has the best moustache in all of Christendom.

    1. Love those guys and the channel. And just about the time it gets a little too dry, they slip in some understated humor that you almost miss, but howl at. Gun Jesus and Bovington are about my viewing limits now. If it weren’t for YT ads constantly trying to shove LGBTQSTFU Propaganda up my ass. It would be perfect.

  3. Kim:
    I imagine you at the wheel of a good olde American Half-Track, with a 105 in the back.

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