Chatting to my Oz son-in-law over the weekend, he informed us that New South Wales has gone into a two-week lockdown because (I think) one limo driver had the Indian (“Delta”) version of the WuFlu and now everybody’s getting it.

From what I can see, the OzGov’s policy is:  EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!

Over Here. of course, the WuFlu caused the Perpetually Fearful to praise Oz’s harsh lockdown state-by-state policies last year, which policies might have made sense if only they had been followed up by a massive inoculation / vaccination drive as happened both Over Here and Over There (UK).

For no apparent reason, the OzGov never did any such thing — even though with a population numbering in the single-digit millions (or less) in most states, it should have been an easy, slam-dunk job.  But inexplicably, that never happened, so now they’re faced with a largely-unvaccinated population, no herd immunity and all the consequences that flow from that incompetence.  Hence the frantic rush now.

I invite my Oz Readers to correct my opinion on this issue, of course, but I think I have it mostly correct.


  1. Everyone keeps talking about “herd immunity” as in “we have to get everyone vaccinated so we have herd immunity”. Bullshit. How did we ever survive as a species prior to vaccines? How did we ever get “herd immunity” prior to vaccines? Simple.

    You were either exposed to the virus as a high level, got sick, survived, and now have some level of personal immunity.

    Or you were exposed to the virus at a low level, didn’t get sick, but your immune system amped up to the low level dosage and you now have some low level of personal immunity. (Similar to how old, real vaccines work).

    When enough people in the herd meet the two above categories the herd is then largely immune. Period. I think, after 18 months of so that the Wuhan has been here, that the majority of people have been exposed at some level. If I haven’t gotten sick yet, I’d wager that at some point I’ve had a low level exposure and that’s that. No need for a vaccine.

    A vaccine may help reach herd immunity faster, but we’ll reach it regardless. Sheesh. All this panic is bullshit. If you want the vax, take it. But at this point I’d rather just trust good old genetics and real science.

    1. “All this panic is bullshit”

      I think you just described most government action. The rest can be summed up with the phrase “Too little, too late”.

  2. The Delta variant has a nearly-zero fatality rate. And somewhere around 1/2 (or more) of the people who caught the Delta variant have received the “vaccination”
    Singapore has the right idea and is basically saying that COVID is here to stay, let’s get on with life. No vax passports, no lockdowns, etc.

    1. You are 100% right. Death rate in UK remains near-zero even as case rates spike due to Delta. Breakthrough cases in Israel etc show the vaccines aren’t so great against Delta. Lockdowns and masks have been shown to be BS so many times now it’s exhausting. Neither the MSM nor the governments listen, although all cry about “following the science”. Vaccines now carry a warning that they can cause heart swelling, especially in younger men. This is on top of the blood clots and all the other nasty side effects, or how they’ve killed more people in 7 months than every other vaccine used over the past 50 years combined.

      I’ve avoided getting the wuflu so far, but I’ll take my chances with Delta. Better to get this one and get over it ASAP, although I won’t try to catch it. Especially as I’ve got some ivermectin in the closet here.

      1. About that ivermectin, How did you aquire it? I’ve got the apple flavored stuff for my horse but figuring out a human dose for that would be a pain in the ass…

  3. Considering all the issues there have been with the vaccines themselves, and how they don’t really give you any immunity at all, merely mitigating the illness to some extent, and how all of them are being shown to be quite less effective against this Delta variant and the latest Delta Plus sub-variant, I think Australia may have accidentally found the best approach. Especially as it was their guy, Dr. Borody, who came up with the Ivermectin protocol. Using ivermectin works. Using it with fluvoxamine and budesonide works too, and prevents nearly all of this Long Haul stuff. Throw in the Pepcid, the zinc, the gout medicine, the antibiotics, HCQ, what have you, for a more thorough approach. So better to have the medicines available, take your chances while keeping your vitamin/supplement levels high, and get treated right away if you catch it. That way you’ll have acquired immunity. No vaccines were ever needed for this virus. Ever.

  4. Yup – you have it about right
    Same as USA, we are a federation of States. States are responsible for health matters. Feds want to control everything. So Feds are trying to run the vaccination program, but leave the unpopular lockdowns to the States.
    If the bat-flu really is bad, then innoculate darn near everyone. Otherwise, let nature run its course.
    Entropy affects politics!

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