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From the late (and very-much missed) Col. Jeff Cooper:

“If you are reading this and can’t put your hand on your defensive firearm, all of your training is wasted.”

The only time that’s not true for me is when I’m in the shower, and even then it’s only a step or two outside the bathroom.  (I know, I know… but I’m not going to go there.)



  1. Same here. There’s always a firearm or 3 no more than a few steps away, loaded, ready to go to work instantly. Just like all my tools.

  2. Good quote. One problem today is that we have politicians, both democrat and Republican, who have created unconstitutional laws restricting where people can carry.

    Some states have laws that you can’t carry in church. Some states don’t allow carrying into hospitals or care centers for elderly. And then there is the nationwide “gun free zones” law, which bans firearms from being carried in schools.

    Do criminals follow those laws? NOPE! And I know on this website I am preaching to the quire.

    Bottom line is, you don’t get to pick the time and place evil finds you. Yet politicians try to pick the places you are NOT allowed to defend yourself.

    We keep hearing all these idiots say “defund police”. I say DEFUND THE POLITICIANS. The politicians all have bodyguards around them. Bodyguards with guns. All paid for by the common man. How many normal everyday average folks have that kind of security?

    I agree with the quote. However, unconstitutional laws need to be repealed.

    The Second Amendment is clear, “Shall NOT be infringed”. Yet everyday, our rights are infringed. (And not just our second amendment rights).

    1. In a land ridden with criminal laws, I have been a criminal most of my life. I live as I see fit and nobody gets to say anything about it?

      Churches are gun free zones? No wonder I don’t use them.
      Remus rule: “Avoid crowds”.

      1. I don’t attend church either. IN SOME states politicians have made churches gun free zones. Not all states have that law.

        My point in mentioning them is simple. The churches themselves which are private property , should be the ones saying yes or no to guns. Not the government.

        Not all states have this law. Some do.

        And yes I agree on the crowds. I avoid large crowds for many reasons. One main reason is there are way too many assholes in society and you increase your odds of coming across and interacting with said assholes if you join in large crowds.

  3. I’ve gotta line up with Coffeeman on this – if a geographic point on earth is within the borders of the United States of America you should be able to carry your gun there without interference from anyone. Anyone who does not support that is the enemy.

    As for your shower issue, when I was second in command of an IT shop my Systems Manager put his Blackberry (dating myself, I know) in a ziplock quart freezer bag so he wouldn’t miss a call when he was in the shower. That’s a bit too anal and OCD for me, but lots of small guns fit in quart freezer bags. Just sayin’……

  4. My favorite saying from J. Cooper is:

    “To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth”

  5. Bullshit. No right is absolute. Private property rights being the obvious one in conflict with the right to carry (there are others too.)

    Anyone has the right to refuse entry to others for whatever reason they wish. It is then our right to choose to go to those places or not. Trampling on one right in-service of another does not abet freedom.

    1. And THAT ladies and gentlemen is EXACTLY how it starts.
      Pit one right against another, then try to straddle the fence for both of them and
      you get –
      Well, you can carry your gun everywhere EXCEPT here – and there and over there on odd numbered months during a full moon ……………………………………..
      You end up with exactly what we have today – A patchwork of vague, conflicting, contradictory laws, directives and edicts overlaying the map of this country in an impossible jig saw puzzle of confusion !
      All because one or more people come up with SOMETHING that they claim violates something else.
      You want to claim that I can’t carry on your particular individual piece of PRIVATE property – fine, I can and will go elsewhere BUT DO NOT carve out large swathes of PUBLIC property, schools of every description, churches, court houses, synagogues, parks etc. – and then try to apply and enforce that same idea –
      THAT’s the contradiction that is unacceptable and, in fact, violates the Second Amendment.

      1. There is no pitting one against another. The right to be secure in one’s property and use it as one wishes is just as fundamental as the RTKBA. I will not allow others to tell me how I conduct myself on my property and I will not tell others how to do so on theirs. In the public sphere as long as our actions (my carrying a weapon, their not doing so) does not materially impact one another, then we must tolerate one another. That you think you have the right to dictate what others do with their property (for the common good) just makes you another form of Leftist.

      2. “…large swathes of PUBLIC property…”
        Somewhere along the line you got the idea that YOU own public property.
        You do not. Not even a tiny little bit.
        The gov’t does, and no that doesn’t include you.
        You only get to make rules for property you own.

        1. The constitution covers public property ghost. And the 2nd amendment is totally protected in public. If you are on public property and you don’t like
          That someone has a firearm maybe consider another country other than the USA. I hear Canada has high taxes and even whackier leftists than the USA. And the gun laws are far more restrictive. NO ONE owns public property themselves. We all do collectively as a country. And the constitution is clear. On public property. 2 A shall NOT be infringed. None of what we are saying is suggesting forcing this on private property.

          1. Let me be clear, I am a very strong advocate of property rights. Guns are property.

            What I am arguing here is “ownership” of any given property.

            Your legally deeded land is YOUR property and YOU have exclusive rights to it.

            You do NOT own public property and have no rights to it. There is no such thing as “collective ownership”.

            The gov’t owns public property and dictates how it will be used.

            “When the laws get tougher the people get sneakier.”

          2. You truly can not let this go can you. And you are 100% wrong, you are just arguing semantics. This is why the leftists keep taking the rest of the people’s rights and get away with it. We are on the same side of this issue and you keep bickering stupid points here.

            First – I SUPPORT private property rights. I NEVER at any point in any post said people should be able to carry onto PRIVATE property that is not theirs with guns if the owner of said property does not want them to. I think it is stupid to ban guns on a Private property, but you do you, and the anti gunners will do what they do. Not even sure why you keep bringing that up.

            Second – what we ARE talking about is PUBLIC property. And, to your quote “The gov’t owns public property and dictates how it will be used.”

            WRONG – The Government does not “own” jack shit. THe Government does NOT dictate jack shit. It might be “US GOVERNMENT PROPERTY” in name, but that means it is PUBLIC – and the US CONSTITUTION PROTECTS YOUR RIGHTS, AS LISTED IN THE CONSTITUTION ON ALL PUBLIC LAND. PERIOD.

            There is none of this nonsense, “The right to keep and bear arms except in certain public places that are arbitrarily determined”.

            The gun free zones act, along with this whole nonsense of not recognizing permits of one state in another state is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Just because it is currently law does not mean it is CONSTITUTIONAL. Sometimes illegal laws take time to get worked out.

            If YOU, a member of JOHN Q PUBLIC is ON PUBLIC PROPERTY, Your rights in the constitution are protected. Period.

            You don’t see restrictions such as, “you can speak freely except in schools, colleges, post offices etc”. If you are in PUBLIC, as long as you do not threaten someone; ex “yell fire in a crowded theatre”, you can speak whatever you wish. If someone is offended, too bad, the 1st ammendment does not exist so you can say HELLO, GOOD MORNING I HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A LOVELY DAY. The 1st amendment exists so you can say, EAT SHIT, YOU ARE GARBAGE AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A CRAPPY DAY” or whatever it is you wish to tell someone that may or may not be nice.


    2. FUDD alert. Here we go with a RINO

      Few things

      1 – anyone can tell anyone else to leave their private property for any reason. And I support this. If It’s my property and I say who comes, goes and stays from it. That being said. I DON’T want liberals who riot on my property. I have a feeling if those types ever show up, they won’t respond to me kindly asking to leave. Which leads to point number 2.

      2 – why would I tell someone to leave my property who is a law abiding citizen who carries a gun? What would that achieve? If some criminals showed up, at the least I’d have someone there, with me, the law abiding citizen to help me. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. The police try their best but they can’t be in all places at all times.

      3 – PUBLIC PLACES ARE JUST THAT PUBLIC. if someone has an irrational fear of firearms they should just stay home. Criminals don’t follow the laws. And the laws only affect law abiding citizens. The constitution protects all rights on all public property. Not just some public property.

      Can we say that gay people or handicapped people aren’t allowed in schools? Or post offices? NO! You can’t. So why can you violate 2A rights?

      Finally, why was the cake Baker forced by the courts to bake and serve a cake to gay people? He is a private business on private property! Explain that please?

      Your rights don’t end where someone else’s fears begin.

      1. Did I say anything about public spaces? Nope, you are assuming, and calling people names, and thus making an ass of yourself.

        I carry every day and we absolutely should insist on being able to carry. But PRIVATE property (like say an employer) is private and though I think it is wrong to limit carrying, they can place any conditions on letting others there that they want. Part of being free is allowing others the space to be different even when we think they are wrong. So if grocery store X puts up signs that say no CC, I don’t shop there. I have had employers that allowed it and others that don’t.

        We can (and absolutely should) work to expand the RTKBA even on private property by limiting liability from 3rd parties carrying and requiring liability from those who keep people (and face it, when it comes to businesses liability is mostly what they care about.) But forcing someone or a business to allow it is like forcing someone to bake a cake with message they disagree with, it is wrong, I would not want it done to me and I will not support it being done to others.

        1. What? I think while you support carrying I think you are missing the point

          I agree abd said in my post I agree with PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNERS being allowed to tell someone who wants to carry to leave. It’s a stupid thing to do but hey to each their own

          My point on this is simple

          1 – the Goverment should NOT be creating “gun free zones” anywhere in public. Period.

          2 – why the fuck is the government telling property owners that they can and have the right to restrict people from
          Their property if they carry guns however the same government tells bakers they MUST bake cakes for gays , even though that baker is baking in his private business on private property.

          Can’t have it both ways.

          Re read my post. You are arguing with me suggesting that I someone said people can carry on other peoples private property against their wishes. I never said that. I said doing that is stupid.

          1. Reread my posts, I was only ever talking about private property. You literally started put by calling me a Fudd (which is ridiculous if you knew me). I am completely against government mandated gun free zones, the thing is I do not then replace that with a desire to force anyone else to allow guns (even though they are probably wrong in doing so.)

          2. Coffee, trust me on this.
            I’ve known Vonz here for decades. He makes ME look like a Fudd.

          3. I agree. I know we are on the same side of this issue. It just seems like this is going back and forth over semantics. This is why the leftists keep getting their way. The conservatives, middle ground people, and all freedom lovers are all arguing small points while the leftists work together (whether they are far left or middle left) to dismantle our rights and freedoms slowly but surely.

            Did you ever think you would see a 29 year old bartender with a useless degree who can’t shut up about stupid shit she knows zero about get elected, and then wreak complete havoc via nonsensical bullshit?

            AOC in NYFC is where that happened. And that bullshit is going to keep spreading if we all don’t work together to vote these clowns out of office, instead of bickering small points with each other when we are on the same side of things.

      2. Another person that thinks he has rights over property he doesn’t own. How in the world do people get this way? Next thing you know he’ll claim he has rights over MY property. It’s never ending with these people.

        1. Please tell me where the in my
          Post I said that I have rights over someone else’s property. I did NOT . I stated 2 points.

          1 government forces SOME rights on private property owners (aka the Baker was forced to bake a cake for gays. And the Virginia schools being the latest to be forced to allow men in women’s rooms and Vice versa and those freaks in the wrong bathroom has been forced on private property by government as well).

          2. I think it’s stupid to deny a law abiding citizen from carrying a firearm on your property, but you do you. And those anti gunners can do what they do. I never said they should be forced to allow guns on their property. I said that ALL public places should be open to carrying.

          1. Coffee, it’s this part right here: “The constitution protects all rights on all public property.”

            You are wrong. And you prove it with your own words (school zones, court houses, etc.) so I don’t understand what you are arguing about.

            You seem to be confusing “rights” with “privileges”. which is easy for many people to do.

            You have a natural right to possess anything you want and it has nothing to do with the goddam constitution.

            The 2nd amendment doesn’t establish any right(s). Notice how it’s worded. It mentions a right, and it says the gov’t cannot infringe upon that right. That right, the possession of arms, PRECEEDS the writing of the 2nd. People already had the right to possess arms BEFORE the 2nd amendment was written. People were born (inherent) with the natural right to possess arms of any type.

            The 2nd does not bestow right, it simply acknowledges the natural pre-existing right, and states the gov’t shall not touch it.

            But alas, like all other aspects of the BoR, the gov’t does indeed violate the constitutional edicts.

            So I continue to live like a criminal.

    3. I am perfectly okay with you banning my self-defense weapons on your private property… as long as you accept strict liability for my safety and welfare while I’m on your property.

      Today, we have people and property owners demanding the first and refusing to accept the second.

    4. Nope. They don’t respect my civil rights, I don’t respect their property rights. By the way, that train has already left the station with the public accommodation parts of the civil rights laws. But it doesn’t apply to gun owners, because reasons.

  6. Or all you folk can do like a lawyer friend of mine, he is very, very lefty but he is a history buff and a good old Son of the South and he carries in Texas without a carry license of any sort, he is a Harvard Lawyer, under grad and grad, and he said if he ever has to actually shoot his gun he will win his defense case and he will still be alive. It’s all who you are, where your are and when you use force and then they find out you had to defend yourself and your story.

    I personally have known two men who killed people in defense situations here in Texas and were both charged and eventually were ‘no billed’ and never went to trial. The last man who was a distance family friend was very glad the bad guy was white with a criminal record which made the dead guy’s story less news worthy.

    If i am ever in any situation where I can go some where else and even lose property, I will be, for instance, out of my back door with my wife while someone else is breaking down my front door and I will be calling 911 for men and women who are paid to handle this shit to come handle my situation. I live one block from the sheriff’s station in our county so they might get here fast, Texas.

    I do carry and have carried a 1911 .45 in a nice, black leather, Bible zipper case while going to church for the last 12 years and nobody ever noticed my Bible case next to me on the pew seat and I don’t think they ever will. So, there’s that.

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