About Yesterday

This past Sunday was a rare event:  New Wife prepared her homemade fish ‘n chips, while I did my bit by drinking some  quite a bit  okay a lot of British ale.

The result of all this was that I neglected to post the regular Monday Funnies feature which, as I was going to break with tradition and make it a XXX-Monday Funnies, was probably A Good Thing.

The regular feature will resume next week.

News Roundup

As if Monday wasn’t bad enough… here’s the roundup:

is this even news anymore?

not to outdone in the “importing crime category”, President Braindead steps up.  And:

the odds against the scumbags being imprisoned, repatriated, shot at dawn etc. are so high even I won’t make book on it.

From the Dept. of the Blindingly Obvious:

like we all didn’t already know that.  And:

you don’t say.

how I wish this were actually true.

bring back DDT, and this will all be over.

From the Dept. of Suckage:

tribute song (and my favorite) embedded in headline.

as I’ve never ever adopted “low-fat dairy” products, this has no interest for me at all.

…the Brits should do what we do:  ignore those supra-government WHO assholes completely.

thus proving, once again, that all centrally-managed systems cause shortages and rationing.

the world’s most powerful electron microscope could not find the sympathy I have for them.

[insert “French wanker” joke here]

And on that note, it’s time for INSIGNIFICA:


and here she is:


If that were true, I’d still be 18.

And lastly:

and here she is:

I think I’m going to start an OnlyFans account.  But instead of showing off my ancient decrepit body, I’ll show scenes of me shooting hippies and Commies, which may prove popular in some circles.  Might as well collect some moolah for defense attorneys before my (inevitable) arrest for breaking some BidenLaw or other.


…otherwise known as academic-speak:

“Given the astonishing recrudescence of multifarious efforts to disrupt the free flow of discussion—from the astringencies of political correctness to the minatory dicta of woke ideologues—it is worth stepping back to ponder the career of this subtle but enlivening pillar of liberty.”


I know exactly what it all means:  but I resent the time wasted to translate it into comprehensible English.  Once again, a speed bump in my reading enjoyment of what is otherwise quite an interesting essay.


Here’s an interesting situation over in Britishland:

The English Touring Opera has dropped 14 white musicians in a woke drive to ‘increase diversity’ in the company.  The musicians, aged 40 to 66, have been told they will not be offered contracts with the company in Spring 2022 citing diversity guidance from the Arts Council England, the Sunday Times reported.
The musicians, who officially work as freelancers, can be dropped from the opera season-on-season but many have played with the company for up to 20 years and consider it a permanent job.

Of course, this is a disgusting thing to do, but complaining doesn’t achieve anything, as any fule kno.

Here’s a thought.

I don’t have the numbers, but I’m willing to bet that this 40-66 age group would constitute a majority of the Touring Opera’s audience.  So I call on all patrons in that age range to boycott their performances.

I wonder if the company’s finances could sustain the subsequent loss of income…


Nobody seems to know who Sean Lock is in the U.S. (unless they watch stupid Brit TV quiz shows), but I for one am going to miss him, the sour, dark, cold bastard.

Question:  Does the full moon cause people to commit crime?
Answer:  No, it doesn’t.
Sean Lock:  Then why do I go out killing every month?

Sean Lock:  It’s amazing how many people will talk to you in a pub when you throw a pint of beer in dog’s face.

Question:  What is the traditional sport in which the contestants get thrown into a lava cauldron afterwards?
Sean Lock:  Show jumping.

Sean Lock:  I really wish they would.

Here’s Sean about Twitter…

…and relationships, and Glueball Wormening

…and political correctness, and why women earn less than men.

Anyway, Sean died of lung cancer last week, age 58.

Which makes the opening of this routine really ironic.

Reaping What Was Sown

Saw this little piece via Insty, and had to laugh:

Worlds are colliding in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Homeless encampments are popping up right outside million-dollar homes.
Michael Beckley is one of a growing number of homeowners who are taking matters into their own hands, trying to keep tents from appearing in the parkways in front of their streets. “It’s brutal, because it will effectively kill the grass. When the first tent showed up here, I fenced it off and said you f—— aren’t coming up here,” Beckley said.
Fences can now be seen roping off parkways throughout the neighborhood. The action is legal, according to the city, because homeowners are required to maintain and care for the parkways adjacent to their homes. Many homeowners are convinced the homeless encampments will lead to a spike in neighborhood crime, especially thefts in the neighborhood.

I don’t know Denver at all, but I’m willing to bet that the Capitol Hill neighborhood votes solidly Democrat/Socialist at every election.  If this is true, then:

Update:  Longtime Reader Tim M grew up in Denver, and agrees with my analysis.