1. Just saw her the other day in an episode of Two and a Half Men (S1.E12-2004). She was all of 18, playing a 16 year old and Wow! was all you could say. Although that show had its share of “that slutty look I love” babes (including Mrs. Sheen at the time, Denise Richards), little Megan still stood out. There is a reason that is the all-time top rated episode of that show. Sadly, her thumbs are defective in an odd way, but I suppose one might overlook a small flaw …

  2. I was going to say that at least her tattoos are small and inconspicuous but that chicken scratching on her right rib cage looks silly. At least she doesn’t have sleeves or huge tattoos though.

    I’ve never seen a beautiful woman and thought “gee, she could be more attractive if only she pierced her septum and she made her body look like an inner city wall with more graffiti.”


  3. oh geez those pop up advertisements are everywhere including near her right hip while you’re giving a mustache ride! can’t a guy dine in peace anymore? These pop up advertisements have gone just too far now.


  4. Absolute perfect model of a drug kingpin’s main squeeze or arm candy married to a 70 YO mega millionaire.

    Not my type but at age 25 would probably have hit on her and pretty much any skirt with nice curves and no dick (yeah, have visited Thailand and Bugis Street in Patpong – caveat emptor)

  5. I am sorry to tell you that your “Grammar Nazi” certification is revoked.

    A thumb is not a finger, unless you’re Icelandic or Russian.

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