Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Seems as though this punk kid decides that he wants to do something about overpopulation, i.e. shooting everyone he could in an apartment complex.  He manages to kill an old lady (no doubt getting a nod of approval from NYGov “Granny-Killer” Cuomo), but at that point, an Olde Pharte decides that enough is enough, and shoots the little bastard dead with his… hunting rifle.

[pause to let the cheers, applause hooting, hollering and catcalls die down]

This being Arkansas, I doubt whether anything more need be said about this.

Read all about it here.

My old buddy, the late (and sorely-missed) Airboss used to keep next to his front door not a shotgun, but a bolt-action .308 because, as he explained, “I can take care of myself;  it’s my neighbors who might need protection.”

Quod erat demonstratum.


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  1. A lot of goblins and wannabe goblins have a very unrealistic idea of how well they can shoot, coupled with a complete lack of perception of how well others can shoot.

    I was in a big convention center once, and when I mentioned to a Young Wannabe that I could reach out and touch someone at the far end of one room (about 200 yards away) with no trouble, he flatly refused to believe me.

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