Little Low

Changed one of my medications on the doctor’s recommendation, and it’s got me feeling a little tired and light-headed — as he warned it might.  But I should be better tomorrow, so normal service will resume then.

In the meantime, here are a couple of random pics, just to keep the thing going:

And one of my favorite — read “stirring” — pics of all:

Hubba hubba.


  1. Feel better Kim .. many of us I’m sure have experienced the “feeling rotten after a medication change” syndrome. I know I have.

    Pic #2 – The Trevi Fountain in Rome ?
    Last pic – Mariska Hargitay ? If not, it looks an awful lot like her.

      1. “Not by about three cup sizes”
        – This will require more careful research. A LOT more careful research.

  2. “A little tired and light headed” – Lots of us would consider that to be a good day.

    Hang in there. If you don’t get it done today, you can always get it done tomorrow. If you don’t do it tomorrow, it probably wasn’t worth doing anyway.

  3. Good grief; the top speed of that scooter with all the lights must be around 20mph, what with having to put most of the engine’s output into driving the generator and overcoming air drag!

  4. #7 – Looks like she’s sporting more of a grimace than a smile. Must be the mass of her headlights, plus that of the shotgun she’s holding so awkwardly.
    #6 – Please let us know what laws or regs require that many headlights on a scooter. A few more lumens and it might melt the asphalt in front of it.

    Kim, did your doctor tell you to take your new medication with or without your morning gin? That might make all the difference.

    1. All depends on your interpretation of “with”… washed down with, five minutes before, five minutes after?

    2. #6 — none. Apparently it was a thing in parts of Europe in the last century. I remember seeing a few movies with groups of teens driving around with scooters piled high with headlights and/or mirrors.

  5. Kim, hope you get ‘adjusted’ soon to your new dosages(s) !
    As for pic #6, I think that that pic was heavily photo shopped and the character on the right looks suspiciously like Jeremy Clarkson !

  6. Take care of yourself, Kim.
    I’ve just had my second Covid jab and am not looking forward to the side-effects.

    1. Me and Missus had all ours, both Pfizer, with never more than just a little local soreness at the injection site.
      Hope the same for you.

  7. One of the most delightful things I’ve seen recently is a pretty redhead girl about a tick-tock over 19 in a flouncy sundress riding her orange Vespa scooter through traffic with that smile that said that she knew the world is hers.

  8. I’m not afraid to say this, but I’m completely flummoxed in ID’ing that smart little GT in Pix#1 –
    Hep me Please!
    Oh, and that must be Mariska with the shotgun…..and look, she’s demonstrating acceptable trigger-finger discipline.

      1. More info from Car & Driver ~10 years ago:
        Leading Alfa Romeo’s charge back into the United States‚ to be followed by more mainstream models by 2010‚ is the achingly gorgeous 8C. At $301,600, it’s ridiculously expensive, but it’s also very beautiful, very rare, and very fast, with a top speed of 181 mph. The car has a Ferrari-derived 4.7-liter V-8 that makes 444 horsepower and one of the best and loudest exhaust notes on earth. The automated manual gearbox is very fast to swap gears, the brakes are amazing, and the handling is sensational.
        I’ll take 3 for one large, Alex. It is gorgeous.

        1. Thanks guys.
          Of course, if the nose of the car was visible, this question would have never needed to be asked.

  9. When they announced this car (the Alpha 8C), 1400 people immediately ordered one. Then Alpha decide to only make 500 of them.

    It doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you don’t already have one of these, your chances of ever having one are essentially nil.

    (edited to add that I meant this comment as a reply to valine76, above)

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