News Roundup

News, bad news, stupid news, not news, all served up with acerbic commentary.

amazingly, this did not happen at Oberlin College.  And even better:

because that’s hate speech or sex discrimination or something.  Cue:  Life Of Brian’s Loretta.

shuddup and pay, peasants And people wonder why government offices are sometimes firebombed.

which can be blamed on (pick one):  1. Climate change 2. Natural erosion 3. Trump.

actually, President Braindead gets low marks for everything he’s done / not done, but I don’t mind the gun control failure.

and I’m not surprised.  Her choice for the third would be:

and his choice:

It’s so sad when couples can’t agree.

And now it’s time for INSIGNIFICA:

        …wanna bet?



  1. ‘ And people wonder why government offices are sometimes firebombed.’

    And I wonder why government offices aren’t firebombed more often. But I am frequently amazed at the passivity of my fellow humans. I recall reading a few years back about a Canadian boy who died of an asthma attack because his school locked up his inhaler. The mother was said to be ‘working to create awareness’. I would have been stalking the school authorities with an axe!

    1. Those school “officials” should each be found at room temperature under mysterious circumstances.

      You’re right Schofield, more government buildings should be razed. Our forefathers would be running out of tar and feathers by now.


  2. who is the young lady in the leather so we can further review her application? unlikely to get approved but review we must


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