Lockdown Blues

Over a month ago I went to Trader Joe’s to buy a couple of things, but was told to go to the back of the (100-yard) queue because the store was only allowing a dozen or so customers at a time to go in.  The outside temperature that day was August-In-Dallas (i.e. there were lizards frying gently on the sidewalks), so I said (quite loudly) to the officious little asshole at the door:  “This is total and utter bullshit, and you guys are acting like hysterical children.  I don’t need your stupid products that much,” and walked away.

A couple of people cheered and gave me the thumbs-up — and a few even nodded and walked away themselves.  (Sometimes, it only takes one, and — this may come as a surprise to many — I’ve often been that one, in my lifetime.)

It’s bad enough when Nanny Government can’t stop telling you what to do:  stay out of here, only six people allowed to be together there, family reunions or events are banned, can’t shop here but there is okay, this work is allowed but that isn’t and so on, but don’t forget to wear your face-condom everywhere or else you’ll be fined / arrested / publicly scolded / tossed out.

When stores start fucking with people’s lives, however, it’s probably too much.  At least, it was too much for this wonderful woman, who after having been bullied by everyone in Government or a uniform for months, decided that being told to follow in-store one-way signs was a Nanny Too Far, and showed her displeasure:

Shopper becomes furious after Co-op staff in Lingfield, Surrey, ask her to observe social distancing rules and starts throwing items and knocking bottles of wine off the shelves. The video that was captured in CCTV shows the woman screaming at the shop’s workers, after being asked to use the one-way system.

And just to put this in perspective, here are a few pics of Lingfield:


Not exactly the kind of place where one might find agitators and troublemakers, is it?

If you follow no other link today, this would be the one.

Bravo, Madame.


  1. I haven’t been to the Trader Joe’s here since March. I like their stuff, but the last few times I drove by there were lines outside. I just kept going.

  2. Notice at the end of the article that they refer to store clerks as “heroes” and are asking for special legal protection for store staff from angry shoppers. Not even an whiff of common sense or even a slight question as to why shoppers are angry, but straight to mommy govt to ask for more regulations and laws to protect the “real heroes”.

    Note that she broke several laws already in destroying store merchandise, and if she had physically assaulted anyone there are already laws against that. But no, that’s not enough. We need “special” laws now to help enforce these executive orders, mandates, and false pandemic panic.

  3. Wasting good wine or any other alcohol should be a flogging event.
    No excuse, take her to the pillory.

  4. A couple weeks ago we finally had a funeral Mass for my wife’s uncle who died last April (nothing to do with Covid-19), because the churches were closed by government edict (this was in NY State).

    For those who don’t know, a funeral Mass is a BIG deal for Catholics, you’re literally helping your deceased loved one get to Heaven, so preventing it from being done is a big deal. Plus, the family couldn’t attend the actual burial because Chinkflu. But of course when some Congressweasel croaked HE could have a full-on funeral, because some animals are more equal than others.

    At my own church during the lockdown, the church was open daily for private prayer/worship, Mass was held and recorded for home worship, and the priest was hearing Confessions. Knowing my priest like I do, had some government flunky told him he couldn’t do those things he’d have responded in a rather un-priestly manner. (This is a priest who told us during my enquirer’s class that earlier that day he’d gone shooting with his nephew, and whose thoughts on self defense and guns are summed up as “God gave you life, you have not only the right but the responsibility to defend your life and your family’s, and the government can’t prevent you from having the most effective tool for doing so.”)

  5. Here in Marksachusetts there are still plenty of True Believers driving around in their cars with the windows up and masks on.

    But out in Colorado, where the Trump signs outnumber the By=den signs by 4 to 1, the panic is wearing thin. Vail and Aspen looked like business as normal. People were out enjoying the weather on the days it wasn’t snowing. The shops and restaurants were open The Private Jet Parking lot at the Aspen Airport was full on the weekend and empty again on Monday afternoon.

  6. Yesterday at my local big box store at the edge of a 300 k to 400k population Texas city about 20 miles from my house there were no lines, no employees outside keeping track of numbers entering and leaving, and no guide ropes to define entrance and exit. The previous time I was there a few days before there were employees keeping track of numbers entering and leaving and enforced lanes for both. I only encountered a line to get in once during this entire mess and it caused a delay of less than a minute.

    My PITA factor for shopping has been very low. The only problem has been earlier closing times, times that took me back to the norms of the 1970’s. Of course, living in semi-rural Texas probably has a lot to do with my ability to avoid PITA situations.

    How semi-final is it here? The nearest grocery store is 12 miles away in a town of 1,500. The town also has a hardware store, a feed & seed, a bank, and a Dairy Queen. It doesn’t have a stoplight but there is one 4-way stop at the intersection with the Valero station. As you leave town going west there is a sign warning you that the next gas station on that road is 75 miles away.

    If you pay attention, the PITA factor can be reeeeeeally low out here. If you don’t pay attention, walking 37.5 miles each with a gas can could be a major PITA but not as major as walking into an urban riot zone.

  7. Home Depot was doing something like that early on in the chink virus. quit going there for a time. The tranny in Windows does not help much.

  8. “The tranny in Windows does not help much.”

    Congratulations. You just won Obscure Statement Of The Day on the Internet.

  9. Can’t agree with this Kim.

    The hourly wage employee trying to enforce rules he/she never made is not the one you should be venting your frustration at. That employee is just doing what he/she is told to do and trying to keep a job, feed a family, etc.

    Write an angry letter to your local government, or to the store owner. But there’s no reason to go ballistic on the 20-something just trying to earn a living.

    Being a dick to a low level employee doesn’t make someone a hero, it makes them an asshole.

  10. The paper or the store are asking for information on the identity of this particular miscreant.
    That’s awfully difficult when her (?) face has been blurred in all the pictures.

  11. About a month ago I had to go to Wal Mart(less and less as time has gone by) and discovered that they had ONE door open, at one end, so I’d have had to walk through the whole damn store to- hopefully- find what i needed. My knees were not up to that that day, and it pissed me off, so I left.

    Got home, and since their Fecesbook page wouldn’t take messages posted that this was a dumb setup. Which led to a whole forest of crap-throwing gibbons announcing that nobody cares(yet they took the time to find memes to say to), that I sounded ‘privileged’, that I thought the rules shouldn’t apply to me, and so forth. I asked the question “Exactly what is so bad about saying a store this size should have more than one door open?”, and the only non-insulting reply was “They have to control the number of people in the store!” Oh no, not here they don’t.

    Finally deleted the post because I was sick of the bullshit from people who apparently LIKE being inconvenienced so they’ll be ‘safe’.

    Never any response from bloody Wal Mart, either.

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