1. Christmas tree is too big for the house, she says. I’ll show her! Where’s my hatchet!

    Damn squirrels burying pine cones on my roof again…..

  2. Let’s get out of this big city and move out in the country where we can put down some roots

    The H.O.A. left him a reminder to mow his lawn.

  3. In this family portrait for their annual Comic Book Day newsletter, Big Pine on the left, older sister Deciduous, Mrs Fir, and brother Cones surround the newest member of the clan, the youngster they affectionately call ‘SmokeStack’… although there were hushed conversations among the established members about a certain ‘singe’ potential.

  4. In no uncertain terms, the sign at the corner of the home proclaims:
    * “NO marxists ALLOWED!”

  5. Recommended for ages 14-plus, this ‘rural-life’ jig-saw puzzle has 8,000 pieces.
    Bonus points for guessing the number of puzzle pieces concealing an American guerilla in the original setting!
    * all of them.

  6. See what you get when Bob Ross moves in next door? “Happy little trees” EVERYWHERE…

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