From Pretty To Peculiar

There’s this TV show called Love Island, where pretty young heterosexual things of all types get to hang around in seclusion somewhere and bonk each other.  (I may not have got this quite right, as I’ve never actually watched the poxy thing, but this seems to be what happens.)  After the season ends, the cast go on to make all sorts of money from endorsements and Instagram appearances and so on.

Nice work, if you can get it.

And to get it,  you need to be pretty, regardless of whether you have a pleasure pole or a love socket.

The men, needless to say, don’t do much to make themselves look more attractive to the women — ’twas ever thus, except for men of the Elton John persuasion — but the sluts women certainly do.  And of course, by today’s deplorable standards of beauty, a girl needs to have an ass of Lopez/Kardashian dimensions, and a face that… well, see for yourselves.

Here’s an article which shows Before / After pics of some of the girls’ faces.  Most of them are fairly plain, but one stuck out as particularly sad:

She went from being quite stunning to looking like a RealDoll.

Yes, that’s a RealDoll.  I challenge anyone to contradict me.

In describing my despair at our modern life, I often say that I’m just a 1911 man trying to live in a 2020 world.  And I’m not exaggerating.

Here are three famous Edwardian beauties (Gladys Cooper, Lily Elsie and Marie Doro).  Compare them (and their contemporaries) with the grotésqueries  in the above article, and I think you’ll get my point.


Not a stitch of cosmetic surgery anywhere.  And if you didn’t fall instantly in love with one or all of the above three, I don’t want to talk to you anymore.


  1. There was a time when it only actresses (on stage) and prostitutes wore noticeable make-up, anyone else wore just enough to even the skin tones, cut down the shine, and look natural. Now some women wear so much you feel you’ve entered the Uncanny Valley. It’s not just a recent phenomenon though, it was thus in my yoot, girls in High School often wore enough make up to make you wonder if the circus was in town. It brings one to mind of baboons flashing their bits to show that they’re fertile.

    The thing I REALLY don’t get is the plumped lips, she looks as if she’d been stung by bees. Again, there was a time when cosmetic surgery was used to correct injuries (broken nose, scars, etc) or serious imbalances in appearance. I went to High School with a girl who, had I had her nose full of dimes I could have retired at 18. Wouldn’t surprise me to find she’d gotten it done. A relative of my wife’s had a breast augmentation, but her previous bust line could be best described as “raisins on a bread board” so she made herself look proportional not grotesque. She finds it much easier to find flattering clothes now.

  2. For the first time in human history we can reach back several centuries and see actual images of people. I love early movies and the photos from the “before time”. Something surprises us that they were just like the mooks of today. 3 absolutely gorgeous babes. All the juices must have been flowing in the boys of the age. Dead for decades and decades ago, somehow they left a footprint in the sand. They lived, loved, played, grew old, wrinkled, sickened and died. But… A single moment, capturing a brightness, a radiance forever. Bless them.

  3. Those pictures of the ‘Love Island’ girls make me wonder just how traumatized the guy waking up next to them is when he gets a look at them with bed head and smeared or no make up. Makes me want to bleach my eyeballs and I just imagined it!

  4. Of those three Edwardian beauties, I like miss Lily the best. She has an elegance about her that is timeless. Now, that third one, Miss Marie Doro? In that photo, she looks a bit crazy.

  5. “…regardless of whether you have a pleasure pole or a love socket.”

    That’s why I visit here. To chuckle heartily at Kim’s bon mots

    But back to the point. It seems women today subscribe to the “Tammy Faye Baker” school of makeup. i.e. applying it with a mason’s trowel.

  6. I was reading this on my iPad and wasn’t scrolled all the way down. Just saw the chick and though, Meh- like a realdoll only uglier. Then I hit the line.

    Great minds think alike.

    I don’t get the puffed lips and sculpted/drawn eyebrows.

    I was at a company social function where one of my coworkers wife had those eyebrows. They were disturbing and mesmerizing. I couldn’t stop staring at them and thinking she’d have been really pretty if she hadn’t done that to herself.

  7. I’m (back) in central South Carolina (It’s a long story, given my screen name). You would think it’s pretty conservative white folk country; “the belt buckle on the Bible Belt”. Well, “shut my mouth”! Nearly EVERY YOUNG girl in town seems to be completely “tatted out”! When I reflect on this a bit, as a mirror of our society—there’s little to no hope going forward!

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