Lighten Up, Frances

Somebody buy this bad boy a drink:

Gianluca Vacchis litters Instagram daily with videos of himself dancing with scantily clad women.
But the Italian 52-year-old millionaire playboy has run into a social media backlash after posting a video of himself hitting the bikini clad models’ behinds on his private yacht.
Vacchi has recently taken up music and the video shows him bouncing his hands off the model’s derrieres to the beat of his newest track ‘Mueve.’


But the video has been met with criticism.
Many of the comments posted under the video said the video was ‘demeaning’ and a ‘sad moment,’ and that his behaviour suggested a lack of respect towards women.
Some asked whether his girlfriend Sharon Fonseca, who he’s been with since April 2017, approved.
Others said the women filmed did not respect themselves and that they were ‘following your money.’

Good grief:  the feministical snowflakery is strong with this one.

But Our Hero responded in the proper way:

Vacchi used more than words to respond to the negative criticism of his video with a follow up released around a week later.
In the video, four women dressed in stylish business suits discipline the silver haired multi-millionaire by returning the spanking.
Vacchi, dressed in a leopard print leotard and high heels bends over twerking in high heels.

Somebody buy this man another  drink.


  1. The dood looks like a comic book and is not to be taken seriously by sane people. If his hoe’s had no problem with his behavior then nobody else gets to say anything about it and should find something meaningful to do with their worthless lives.

    1. Indeed. Once such women go to college and get that degree in grievance studies, they can’t say that in so many words, anymore. It has to be expressed with the language of whatever subcategory of grievance studies she enrolled in. She had to express her longing using the appropriate studies words, “Demeaning”, “Sad”, and “Respect”. She also had to express her desires through the usual proxies of other, “non-woke” women. E.g. “[T]he women filmed did not respect themselves and that they were ‘following your money.’”

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