Ban Them!

Here’s a good one, from Brazil:

Masked man who took 37 hostages on a bus in Rio de Janeiro is shot dead by a police sniper after a three-hour standoff — and cops then discover it was a toy gun.

Now quit that sniggering, you lot.

From this tragedy, it is clear that the only answer is to ban toy guns.


Or buses.

En passant, the word “sniggering” above was flagged by SpellCheck when I typed it in.  (No prizes for guessing why.)



  1. Dutch government beat you to it by over a decade, banning toy guns that “look too much like real weapons”, which the shown one certainly would.

    About a decade ago an importer of toys was arrested and charged (and convicted) of “importing and selling illegal weapons” when declaring a box of fluorescent transparent water pistols at customs, AFTER he’d sent product pictures to the police to ensure that the product was indeed legal to import and getting a response letter stating that indeed it was.

  2. Why does it always take gov’t 3 hours to do a 5 minute job?

    The perp expected it’s victims to recognize the toy as real so there are no grounds for complaint here.

    1. In which case, the perp WAS armed. That he selected a purely psychological weapon is not the fault of the people who have to make a life or death decision in a fraction of a second.
      As the Russian Marines supposedly said per Leon Uris in “Battle Cry” , “Toughski Shitski”.
      I’ll send condolences to his family, but not flowers.

  3. You’ve probably spelled That Word that way all your life; no sense in trying to get you to change now.

    As a matter of fact, you ought to see if you can’t work in that seldom-used word for “cheap or stingy” that starts with a “nig” into your writings and conversations.

    Why let your Senior Privilege go to waste?

    1. Ah, shucks, crazyeighter. You beat me to it.

      How ‘not generous’ of those Law Enforcement Officials with their ‘cool-down periods’…

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