So Much For College

I admit that I can’t see the appeal in ginger nebbish Ed Sheeran’s music — I mean, it’s not horrible in the way that, say, Taylor Swift’s music most certainly is, but I find it… pleasant, yet unremarkable.


My opinion, though, doesn’t matter:  the little bugger has made more hit records and more money than he can burn with a flamethrower, and clearly, his music has touched a lot of people despite his looking like Third Dweeb From The Left in a Harry Potter movie, so I have to give him that.

What gives me the giggles, however, is that when he studied music at college, he failed.


It says a lot about him that he hasn’t bought out the college, fired the entire faculty and burned all the buildings to the ground.  I guess that being a zillionaire is its own revenge.


  1. Sheeran wasn’t too bad in the movie Yesterday (where some strange event happened and everyone in the world forgot about the Beatles and a couple other funny things except this one musician).

    Not an amazing feat of cinema, but not a bad film either. A nice diversion from the non-stop comic book films and SJW garbage Hollywood is currently putting out. Then again, I’m not a Beatles fan and while I do respect their work, I could see how people more familiar with the Beatles might have problems with the film.

    1. As a Beatles fan I actually enjoyed the film.
      While the premise was hokey the music was great and that little plot twist at the end was neat.

      1. Yeah…I thought the plot twist at the end was nicely resolved.

        It was a little hokey, but I’ll give them credit for trying something like this. Like I said, not a high water mark for the cinematic industry, but made for a nice light afternoon for my bride and I so she could take her mind off some pretty heavy life stuff that day.

    1. Any other revenge is over rated. Other than a momentary feeling of triumph over a bunch of “Music Teachers” who know everything about music except why people like it (sometimes), by living well, he can enjoy every minute of not selling out to the “respect ma Authoriteh” kind of authority. He is helping to break the stranglehold “Higher” education has on society. Once 25 year-olds no longer owe more money for their education than they ever could owe for a home on their salaries, we will truly make America great again.

      In the mean time, once he figures out what it was that he did that his teachers at this “school” didn’t recognize, he can endow a chair in his name there, and see to it that whoever he endows is paid better than even the chancellor at the school.

      Now that would be some sweet revenge.

  2. ‘nother thing I’ve noticed (sometimes it takes me a while) is that the more popular male singers sing in the far upper tenor (I’d call it contralto) to near mezzo-soprano; as a young teenager I kept trying to force my range down with the greatest hope that when I was old (20), I’d be a basso profondo like most of my mother’s brothers.
    So the current state of male masculinity is not just the inability to let go of Disney.
    And it starts in Kindergarten:
    (Teacher) “Why can’t you behave and sit quietly like Mathilda?”
    (Johnny) “‘Cause she’s a girl!
    (Teacher) “Go sit in the corner; I don’t want to see your face!”

    1. > male singers sing in the far upper tenor (I’d call it contralto)

      I think you mean countertenor.

      1. Commonly known, I believe as Falsetto.
        Linda Ronstadt could go from Contralto to Soprano. In the same song! *

        *A remarkable and great range’ like Julie Andrews, Freddie Mercury, and Johnny Cash (On his Sun Recordings before he started singing through amphetamine-induced laryngitis).

        1. And this is off-topic (good of me to finally admit it, I know) but if “New Kids Got Run Over by a Reindeer” is a parody of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”, what category is “Grandma'”? Is it a parody itself? A satire? or merely a humorous novelty record like “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”?
          Talk about stuff never explained in public schools!

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