1. It’s obviously a briefing paper for Vice President Cackles on “Assault Rifles”, which she won’t read, and wouldn’t understand even if she tried.

  2. I couldn’t make out if that site was British or American. I wouldn’t ordinarily expect Americans to spout such hogwash but there are always exceptions. (The British question arose because British adverts kept appearing, which might be because my computer is in Britain).

  3. The website appears to be computer generated.. possibly for ad revenue, click bait, or just to gather stats from users. The “gas pedal” page makes me think that…

    “How to install a gas pedal on a pistol

    Assuming you are referring to a car, the gas pedal is usually the rightmost pedal in a car. To install it, first locate the accelerator cable and follow it to the engine. There should be a bracket holding the cable in place near the engine. There will be two bolts holding this bracket in place.”

    1. Yeah, “a computer wrote this” was my first thought, just from the rhythm of the phrasing.

      1. Sorry, computers have “artificial intelligence,” not “artificial dumbass.” Some version of idiot human wrote this.

      1. I know what a gas pedal on a pistol is. But the website inserts the definition of a gas pedal on a car instead. That’s what makes me think it’s just a website generated by computers. Probably the ATF gathering reader data.

  4. I just finished reading the article at the link.
    I had no idea I was so ignorant about .22 long rifles and pistols.

  5. If this is circulated within the halls of Congress, it will be 100% (OK, maybe just 99.44%) accepted as Gospel on the Left side of the aisle.

  6. My vote is Camalla wrote this.
    There is no such thing as ‘artificial intelligence’. It’s difficult to ‘simulate’ or
    duplicate something that is, at best, very poorly defined to start with. People
    are being sold, using ‘AI’, the idea that computers ‘think’ the way humans
    do. NOTHING could be further from the truth!
    Computers are very large, very fast, base 2 adding machines and nothing more.
    And after a few decades with them you learn that they have enough
    ‘artificial dumbass’ to spare !!
    Quick example – self checkout, finish scanning items, press button/screen/whatever
    to pay, screen shows total amount due, insert debit card, THEN the bloody machine asks you to select ‘method’ of payment !!!
    ‘Hey, bit brain, you ALREADY HAVE the card ! You expecting rolls of dimes,
    or paper money or pop bottle caps as well ??
    I still vote Camilla. It’s the repetition. She talks the same way !

  7. Show of hands…
    How many get the impression the USA vice-president is a computer-generated algorithm?
    And the results are in:
    * according to computer-tallied totals, the overwhelming majority of voters love and adore the remarkable Mrs. Harris, and hope to emulate her many substantial achievements ‘in the public sector’.
    As predicted by the computer, a tiny fringe ‘element’ continues to push the narrative about inaccuracies in the voting procedure.
    They are being dealt with as WeSpeak*.
    [* h/t to George Orwell for his foundational ‘NewSpeak’ concept.]
    An aside:
    One of the residents of The White House, characterized by some as a ‘doddering’ ‘poopy-pants’, seems to suffer from dementia.
    Another former resident, a certain mister fdr, also suffered from the illness, explaining his Malta behavior… giving half of Europe to stalin and starting the six decades of the cold-war.
    Allowed to continue, could ‘poopy-pants’ be known throughout history as the turning point, initiating the destruction of civilization?
    Vote early, vote often.

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