Clueless Moron

President Braindead issued his latest piece of stupidity a few days ago, and of course hilarity followed soon after:

President Joe Biden told NowThis News during a Sunday interview that he is pushing to limit gun owners to having no more than “eight bullets in a round.”

I know, I know;  it’s just another bit of Biden Droolspeak, and of course it’s laughable.

What’s really laughable is that an 8-round magazine capacity restriction (for that is what the First Moron is actually talking about) won’t ever pass into law, and even if it did, it’s unenforceable.

Or maybe Ol’ Stumbles really wants to turn few score million gun owners into de facto  criminals (which frankly, given the Socialists’ penchant for controlling the population, is not that far-fetched).

Roll on, Election Day 2022.


  1. Finally, Biden says something that makes sense! Nobody should ever load more than 8 bullets into a round. One is plenty. If you need more than that, you should just use a shotgun.

    (I know duplex ammo is a thing, but I really don’t know why.)

  2. I am NOT I favor of restrictions of any type , but to ask these dumbass liberals:
    Is there a limit on amount of ammo one can have? Doesn’t take long to change a magazine. So you could have 3 of the 10 round mags and do almost the same thing as one 3 round Mag, save for a few extra seconds.

    I’m from a nanny state. 10 round Mag limits. Every time the criminals get caught they always have one of the evil rifles or a “high capacity” mag. Criminals don’t give a fuck. So the “tough” gun laws don’t mean shit.

    By the way. How many rounds of ammo are in the hands of law abiding citizens?

    In the words of Brandon, I’d estimate , “200 million , 200 trillion , 20 billion” rounds of “AR 14 ammo”. Cmon man, ya know the thing.

  3. Ultimately, we will be faced with a “request” to turn in all of our ammo to our government betters – that will not be a pretty scene.

      1. touch the stove and get burnt. Some folks refuse to learn through any other method than the hard way.


      2. The vast majority will do as they’re told. Most of the rest will be more paranoid about their neighbours than about the SWAT teams doing house by house search and seizure to cooperate and put up a viable defense, allowing them all to be taken out one at a time.

        And for the few groups having hideouts in the mountains as teams there’s the national guard or air force to perform a few drone strikes or drop a few bombs on the place.
        Which will be applauded by the press and a lot of the population because of “removing the domestic terrorist threat”.

  4. The problem is that we aren’t dumping tea. We dumped tea in 1773, burnt the HMS Gaspee in 1772, raided a British fort in Portsmouth, NH in 1774.

    Unfortunately many in CT lined up to register firearms several years ago and far too many comply with horrendous laws. Thank God the courts are fixing the problem albeit far too slowly and not enough bad consequences to thugs who infringe on our rights.

    vote next month.


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