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So, waltzing into the news:

actually, Americans have felt this way since Reagan beat both Carter and Mondale like an old rug, only it’s taken this long for the GOPe to realize it. Morons.

...I prefer the red, because redhead;  but honestly...

...wait, didn’t President Braindead once say that all you need is a shotgun?

...actually, not at all about Jan 6.

...duh she’s not supporting Andrew, she’s reminding everyone that she knows who all the players are.


I can’t believe it’s not an aneurysm.

And in other Health News:

you mean RUI, surely?

...which is American’s standard response to any passenger complaint.

...key word:  amazingly not Florida, but Texas.

Let me know if y’all are getting sick of Paige:

...I may have edited the headline just a trifle.

...not that it matters, as she was caught in flagrante delicto later.

And in the linkage wasteland known as INSIGNIFICA:



And finally, some real news:

I know, y’all wanna see how she’s aged:


And that’s the news, bad as it is.


  1. I watched the clip on the commentary about the Jan 6 hearings but we all know that this is just policital theater in the same vein as Soviet style show trials. There is no real trial here and hearsay and lies are taken as “evidence.” It’s a farce and many people know it

    Jane Seymour goes gray, didn’t recognize her.

    Hypocrisy and lies from Democrats on firearms? you don’t say. Actually the issue or subject doesn’t matter at all for democrats to be hypocritical or lying.

    Spiranac’s cameraman must be gay or asleep at the wheel for not changing the camera angle. She’s quite attractive and articulate.

    Andrew should have been prosecuted and the DA should have called the prostitute as a hostile witness. More of Epstein and Maxwell’s client list should be prosecuted. They fact that there have been no charges brought shows that the FBI etc are protecting pedophiles and exploiters.


  2. In re: Brooks and Jan 6. When the lefts favorite “right-wing” commentator says its a non-issue, you know its a non issue.

    Epstein/Maxwell’s guest lists will NEVER be released. I think that’s one of the few things that has broad bi-partisan support in DC and other areas.

    And finally Teaching assistant. Got in a lot of trouble from my wife for this comment, but I’ll say it again. Where were these women when I was in school?

  3. “…sardined between two obese people.”
    Been there, fought with the blimpies to keep the armrest DOWN. If you’re so fat you need part of my seat, buy two seats or move up a class. Airlines should charge by the pound for everything a person puts on the plane – body, clothes and all possessions, and all baggage. After all, it’s the plane’s lifting weight into the air and keeping it there that eats fuel, a major if not the major cost of flying.

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