Calling All Tyrants

Via the Greek Digit, I found this most excellent piece of writing:

In a Quinnipiac survey, people were asked “If you were in the same position as Ukrainians are now, do you think that you would stay and fight or leave the country?” The results showed that an overwhelming majority of Republicans and a comfortable majority of independents say they would stay and fight. As for Democrats? 52% said they would leave the country.

Okay… you know what I’m going to say next.

Can somebody, anybody out there invade us?  I promise not to mobilize the 34th Beer & Treason Brigade until the invasion* has occupied at least the East and West coasts, and the fucking hippies / Communists who infest the areas have run off to join their little soyboy pal Trudeau in the Frozen North.

(After that, of course, WOLVERINES!!!!)

I think the game is worth the candle.  Anything to get the Left outta here so we don’t have to take care of them ourselves.

*It has to be a serious invasion, with landing craft carrying troops, and tanks and stuff driving up and down Madison Ave and all through the Mission District.  If you want to shell Portland and Seattle like the Russkis are doing to Kiev… well, okay.  We’ll even email you maps of all the BLM hideouts so you’ll know where to start aiming the rockets.

Don’t worry about the U.S. Armed Forces;  just throw a few hundred trannies in your front ranks and the U.S. Woke Regiments won’t shoot lest they be accused of LGBT hatred, or something.

I need to stop now before I get too excited.


  1. I can show them the best beaches on Long Island and Cape Cod for Landing Craft. Now where do I sign up for a Starter Pack of a couple dozen Scout drones and several of 40 ft containers full of Javelins? I promise not to use any on the nearby roads from Boston toward Canada.

  2. Be careful about giving ideas to the Left. I’m talking about the getting somebody to invade us part. They’ll pick a fight to make it happen. Leftists are famous for the whole “Let’s you and him fight.” thing.

    And they’d never leave of their own volition. Remember all the lefties who threatened to move to Canada or Europe or NZ if some right-wing victory took hold (like, Trump getting elected)? None of them actually did. They just thought making the threat would have some influence on people.

  3. Could we hire someone to invade us, just to get things started? Maybe some out-of-work Canadian truckers? Let’s get the invasion starter, then clear the roads to the Canadian and Mexican borders so the Democrat “patriots” can get the hell out.

  4. no time clock to punch, perpetual hunting season, no bag limit, etc etc?

    Gather your data now. Voter rolls are public information typcally

  5. As I said else where, the results don’t surprise me, that they said it out loud does.

    It’s fairly safe to spout Leftist tropes in public in America.
    It’s not safe at all to spout Rightist tropes out loud.

    And *that* indicates a fundamental problem.

  6. I would say I would stay and fight, but I don’t think they realize which side I would be fighting for.

    Since Putin just announced a general debt jubilee (including outstanding utility bills) and a giant tax break, it makes the decision even easier. Me and the Russians against Biden and debt? Done deal. Same if it was against the LITERAL clown running Ukraine.

  7. I have the strangest erection…
    But seriously, people that think the State needs to feed, clothe and shelter them also think the State needs to protect them, no shocker there.

  8. I take issue with your designation that there is any other leftist type but scum.

  9. We’ve already been invaded and taken over by Communists. They just don’t call themselves that.

  10. Where would the 52% think they’d like to go and why the hell haven’t they already gone there?

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