In The Air Again

With only a few exceptions, anyone who knows anything about history and aviation has respect (at worst) and love for the extraordinary De Havilland Mosquito fighter-bomber-reconnaissance airplane.

As a number of my Readers fall into the history/aviation dork genus, here’s an hour or so of the restoration of a Mozzie.  I loved every minute of it.

Even better, in Canada (????).  Brilliant stuff.


  1. Kim,
    About 7 yrs ago I started following the restoration of Doc .. now the 2nd airworthy B29 after Fifi. Took about 300,000 labor hours to put Doc back into the air, not to mention countless millions of dollars.
    Looking fwd to the Skeeter video

  2. Beautiful bird!

    Kim, I am a huge fan of World War II aviation – have you seen Kermit Weeks’ channel on YouTube?

    He maintains a fleet of warbirds in Florida, and posts numerous videos of restorations, as well as walk arounds and in-flight videos, from the pilot’s seat. Great stuff!

  3. As a Canadian in Canada I’d be very interested in seeing this video which YouTube tells me is not available in my country.

    YouTube delenda est.

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