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So let’s down it all in one long, ghastly gulp.

and it should come as absolutely no surprise that the person behind this foulness is a self-described “femme, fat, queer, magical pleasure worker, educator, and artist I’d post a picture, but I respect my Readers too much.

I know, how silly.   Now let’s talk about heavenly angels

,,,given that it’s Cardiff, Tchaikowski would probably be overjoyed.

but unless the legislation includes severe penalties for non-compliance, it will be as useful as a banana in a house fire.

ah yes, page 127 of The Communist Manifesto:  “When prices rise because of shortages, it is the greed of the corporations, and not of the government policy which caused the shortage.  And:

unless there was an actual shotgun involved in this “blasting”, I’m not really interested.

vagina museum?

Climate Changery: long as said gas guzzlers kill climate terrorists by running them over, I think we’re all cool.

travel agencies hardest hit.

And speaking of migratory species:

but as with most gun laws, it didn’t stop him.

….unless she was the granddaughter of the judge who released him, nothing will happen to him.

Train Smash Update:

if she does, it’ll be the first time she’s ever planned anything.

And now, no-link INSIGNIFICA (and you will thank me for this):


There’s gotta be pure battery acid in that thang, Bubba.


  1. Dear Kim, just an FYI / heads up
    The human mind functions with pictures as opposed to words. As I’m
    sure you are aware, for every word you read or think of, there is a
    corresponding picture for that word in your mind.
    The picture generated in my mind by ‘vagina MUSEUM’ is NOT a picture
    that I wanted, let alone needed in any way, shape or form.
    I am now researching my options to have said picture removed.
    Whatever the procedure and whatever it costs – YOU’RE gonna get the bill !!!!!

  2. Rumor has it that an enlarged replica of Hillary Benghazi’s VaJayJay is going to be on display once they can find a volunteer to to clear out the cobwebs. The Helen Thomas display explores the concept of being moist. The museum tour starts with a short film shown in Lisa Lampinelli Vagina theater. It seats 300 at the same time.

  3. once we get the wall built, we need to install catapults for returning criminals back to their country of origin

      1. I have a fake profile on Fascist book and I just might add to its workplace history as flight steward on Air Pinochet

  4. Meghan, honey….it’s OK:

    No matter he’s riding bareback, you can still ride him.

  5. Let’s groom the kids! Not San Fran, not Portland… the summer camp teaching kids how to diddle themselves was in rural freaking Kentucky. Mark my words: pedophilia will become the new normal.

    Behold this creature, a prof at Old Dominion. I’d love to see this lisping little bitch fed into a wood chipper.

    The left isn’t just wrong or Marxist or misguided. It’s EVIL. Prove me wrong.

    1. you’re spot on bullseye X Ring about the left and I’m sure they’ll champion every sort of disgusting sexual act they can think of.

  6. it would be a shame if super secret sleep away pervert camp had a friction fire caused by the mortgage rubbing up against the insurance policy

    The nine time illegal migrant should be shipped home in nine significant pieces

  7. The sad thing about Brit is, she got free of her father/conservatorship, and almost everything she’s done since(and before), only shows that she needs a babysitter.

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