Quote Of The Day

Truthfully, it’s the newspaper article of the day:

Djokovic is the whipping boy for angry Australians who realise their two-year obsession with zero-Covid has done their country more harm than good but still can’t bring themselves to admit it.

In fact, it’s the Australian government who are the angry ones, because they’re the ones who panicked.

The most devastating thing for public health in Australia has been two years of some of the most draconian and ultimately failed lockdowns in the world, including the near total closure of the international borders, illegally banning citizens trapped overseas for much of that time.
Such a policy meant, until the inevitable Omicron outbreak, there was virtually no natural immunity, so Covid is now predictably ripping through society, as it was always going to.

Small wonder that the Aussie population is getting pissed off.  And there are elections looming…


  1. I dunno. The article says that Australia (the former penal colony) has only become authoritarian in the past two years. I’m sure thousands of former law-abiding gun owners would beg to differ.

  2. All the Westerns governments as far as I can tell bet the farm on a vaccine solving their Wuhan virus problem. None bothered to come up with a backup plan, even after the goddamn Delta made mockery of their hopes.

    I say, consider going back to traditional methods of dealing with pandemics. The priesthood keeps demanding more sacrifices, and yet the gods haven’t lifted the plague. Time to sacrifice the priests, may that’ll appease them.

    1. Agreed. Fauci please report to the volcano. Pronto!

      If you have significant medical problems then yes, do sequester yourself and minimize contact with people, wear masks even get the jabby jab if that’s for you. Forcing those things onto others is utterly wrong. the difference between these ChiCom Wuhan COVID drugs and the polio vaccine is that vaccines such as the one for polio actually work.

      Time to live life and open everything up. Life is far too short to live in perpetual fear.


      1. Am I the only one wondering why Doctor Unscrupulous just doesn’t retire and leave all this stress behind? Everyone knows he’s got his mitts in a lot of pots, so why not take his “retirement” before the Republicans take over again and make an example of him? Is he dumb enough to think he’s untouchable? Paul and Jordan are itching for the chance to drag him up before any number of committees.

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