And One More Thing

After the British Virgin Islands were smacked by not one but two Cat 5 hurricanes in quick succession, most of the islands suffered massive property damage.

Since then, a lot of the wreckage has been rebuilt, and not to World Emperor Kim’s liking, either.  Try this little piece of heaven:

The caption for the pic was “Paradise restored”.

Paradise was not restored;  it was beaten to death with a lead pipe, driven over a few times by a Chieftain tank, and the remains wrapped in concrete and barbed wire.

Would it be wrong for me to wish for a Category 10 hurricane to come calling over there some time soon?


  1. In all fairness, that “yachting hot-spot” looks pretty much exactly like it did before. Not what I would call paradise, but then I don’t own a yacht.

    Other venues pictured in the article look much more pleasant.

  2. Yes, You would be wrong. Looks like they built Saba Rock to be better than it ever was. It used to look like the Hurricane came through only last month and our favorite spot – The Bitter End – is still not open. The hurricanes completely devastated the place and destroyed 100’s of Boats.

    The BVI’s are the world’s best Sailing Spot. You don’t need to own a Yacht. There are more than enough to charter (rent for the week) with or without a Captain and crew. You do need to know how to sail and have some boating experience before they will let you go out on your own. They learned their lesson after some of the Kennedy offspring famously complete trashed a boat.

    It’s big enough so you can visit a new place every day. and it’s too small to fit any of the big Cruise Liners, and it’s not high on the list of destinations for the Super Yacht Crowd. ( Although Richard Branson does own one of the Islands.)

    I’m not sure I would call it Paradise, either but it’s close

    1. Sorry to hear that the Bitter End is still out of commission.

      Did Little Dix Bay get hit also?

      1. Just recently re-opened — Pretty much wiped off the planet but now completely rebuilt. Damage by the hurricanes was nearly total — just left piles of debris in it’s wake.

    1. Saba Rock is a Drinking and Party spot at the end of the North Sound on Virgin Gorda. It surrounded by reefs and just barely above the water, so you can only approach it with a small shallow draft inflatable “dingy” that you tow behind your boat. Think Texas Road House for Boats instead of Bikes.

  3. I’m with Kim on this one. If one wanted to vacation on a concrete structured island surrounded by water, choose Manhattan which offers a bit more in terms of options (post insanity, we hope).

  4. I am headed to the Virgin Islands in March. I will be staying with friends on the American side for the most of it but I will be spending a few days of the Brit side. This looks to be the longest and cheapest Caribbean vacation I will experience.

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