Man’s Man

So you complete an impossible voyage across the Pacific Ocean on a flimsy craft with no modern navigation aids, end up becoming a world authority on boat building — all while shagging and living with multiple women simultaneously, (which should earn some kind of award all by itself).  As if that wasn’t enough, at age 80 you sail the 4,000-mile Lapita voyage, following an ancient Pacific migration route on two double canoes, from the Philippines to the remote Polynesian islands of Anuta and Tikopia, accompanied only by (of course) two women.

Then having lasted another decade afterwards, you eventually decide you’ve had enough of that Alzheimer’s bullshit, and off yourself without any more fuss, having lived a good, satisfying and rewarding life.

My favorite part of the story is this:

Perhaps because of his unconventional lifestyle, public recognition came late in life — in 2018 he finally won a lifetime achievement award from Classic Boat Magazine — but he wasn’t bothered.

Read all about James Wharram.


  1. “two coffee grinders” But of course. And “a terrier called Pepe” Had to laugh at that name.

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