Zuckerberg’s company, Meta (formerly Facebook), announced it would lease offices in a massive new building in Austin, Texas.

Looks like we executed Timothy McVeigh too soon.

Do we really need that kind of company in Texas or, more to the point, hundreds of their insufferably-woke Gen Z employees to poison the voting pool?

If these little shits can ban someone from their poxy spy platform for calling Fauci an insufferable motherfucker, can we not ban them from Texas for meddling in elections?

Some good news, if it can be called that, is that they’ll be in downtown Austin, where the homeless encampments, needles in the streets and aggressive panhandlers should make them feel quite at home — as will the foul Green laws that govern life in Austin.

And the other “good” news:  at least Faecesbook is not moving to Plano.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look at real estate in western Montana/ Wyoming, just in case .


  1. If you’re eligible, how about southern Alberta? But in all three places, I think you might find the winters a trifle cold.

    1. I lived in Chicago for ten years. Cold doesn’t bother me.

      The difference between southern Alberta and northern Montana is shitty gun laws to the north.

  2. Stroll around outside their office building, openly carrying a six-gun? A couple dozen people a day should do the trick.

  3. Hey, it puts them in punching range.

    How about a new Knockout Game that only targets people with Meta Employee IDs dangling from their waist?

  4. My Gawd….how Austin has fallen.
    The Legislature should pass a bill passing all law enforcement in Austin to the Texas Rangers, with a commensurate increase in their authorized strength, and let them deal with the situation BAMN.
    It could be a “Demonstration Project” for Tejas’ other metro mayors and councils.

  5. Eh? Kim
    Zuckerfish (a true political Remora) is not moving to Texas. He is moving to Austin which is no longer part of Texas by any measure, it is an island of blue destruction, despair and desperation.

    Zuck and his minions will feel right at home there and there is a very small chance that the Texas Guard will at some point be called upon to set siege to the zone and starve them out of existence, if the plagues do not take care of it first.

    If it were me, I would wait until they are all installed and happy in their new building, then inform Austin that the power grid is going to be shut down and diverted to productive parts of the state, and since they now have 100% Green windmills, solar and methane from their waste management site, they should be just fine with the plan. Oh, and the cost of natural gas and water delivery will be doubled thanks to the Biden policies.

    1. Please keep that NORTH of the river. I live in deep SOUTH Austin. And I didn’t vote for the idiots on the council.

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