1. That last picture reminds me strongly of this passage from Pratchett’s THE THIEF OF TIME, regarding the heroine’s way of dealing with monsters under beds.

    “ She’d been so angry that she’d pulled it out, hit it over the head with the nursery poker, dislocated its shoulder as a means of emphasis and kicked it out of the back door.”

  2. I hope Rittenhouse has his lawyers lined up for the defamation suits. Start with Nadler, that fat pile of lying pus. There are plenty of targets of opportunity.

    That said – Sandman didn’t get $250 million. He SOUGHT $250 mill. There was a settlement. The terms of the settlement were undisclosed, but I will absolutely guarantee it wasn’t anything close to $250 million. It was FAR more likely what is referred to as “nuisance money;” i.e. we’ll pay you to make the suit go away, because paying you is cheaper than defending the suit.

  3. You, Sir, have found a wonderful way to brighten up Pain-in-the-Butt Mondays.

    My most sincere thanks!

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