News Roundup

Bringing you the usual mix of pointless, stupid and crappy stuff.  Also the sorta-news.

key word:  India.

the difficult part is not involving Hillary Clinton in the process, because no one will believe a Kamala Harris suicide.

just wait till they actually get to see some.

Rope.  Tree.  Nadler.  Some assembly required.

not nice to refer to our beloved FBI as “tools”, but here we are.

And a few headlines from the department of :

not to mention that it makes them think of eeeevil guns.

all the hundreds of Nazi-loving actors who ever played Hitler could not be reached for commentBest part:  Mirren is a howling Lefty.

good.  Let’s go back to calling them perverts. sickos and Clintons.

how about:

too strong?

And in an unusual display of common sense:

next on the list:  Afghans, now that the Great Satan is no longer in their country and peace has been restored.

what he said.



actually, there’s no “could” about it.  As the holder of a foreign title, Markle is Constitutionally prevented from being PresidentLOL.

Finally, from a hardworking wife and mother:

…and because:

…here ya go:

Hey, for a quarter-million bucks a year, I’m just surprised there aren’t more of them.  Or maybe there are, but how would I know?  (I feel a spin-off post coming…)


  1. Good to see trigger warnings being tossed. Next on the chopping block: Safe Space. Safes are mostly owned by rich white dudes. Racist and patriarchal. Duh.

    1. Hey, Hillary, Did you know that Jerry Nadler and Kamala Harris are plotting against you with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi?

  2. In response to the protests the Dutch government has announced that either people do as they’re told or there will be a stricter lockdown and more brutal police enforcement.
    And I’ve every reason to believe the Rutte junta (which has now been in power illegitimately for 8 months after they were ousted by a vote of no confidence but refused to give up power “for the duration of the emergency”, then held elections that they (unsurprisingly of course) won and now are stalling the coalition talks for 6 months already) will do exactly that.

    Sadly the Dutch population was disarmed by the US and Canadian armies at the end of WW2 (the Germans had tried but not been fully successful, the allies played the “we’re the good guys, you can trust us” card and it worked) and Dutch governments since have really liked that status quo.

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