100% Funny… And True

Taki’s Mag’s weekly feature “The Week That Perished” is often very funny, as well as irreverent.  Last week’s piece was the funniest yet — and as is often the case, the most true.  Take for example their explanation of the South African mess:

The riots and looting tearing through South Africa simply cannot be happening. The images must be CGI; the news reports fake. Everyone knows that black people only riot and loot because of institutional racism caused by evil whites and their damnable supremacy.
It’s a law of physics, no more violable than gravity.
So no, it’s simply not possible that blacks are rioting and looting in a black nation because of actions taken by the blacks who rule them against other blacks who used to rule them.
In fact, the backstory of the SA riots is so convoluted, only a writer of Marvel blockbusters could’ve come up with it. The origin story involves something called the “Zondo Commission,” which totally sounds like what Doctor Strange or Starhawk would appear before while trying to find the Galubrious Cubes or the Synstricious Stones or whatever inane plot device saves the universe.

And it just gets funnier and funnier from there — and it is 100%, ultra-clean, unvarnished truth.  My favorite part, though, is this:

And apparently killing Somalis…for reasons that surely make as much sense as anything else going on in that geographical septic tank. It got so bad that last week Somalian diplomats sent a formal protest to the South African government demanding protection for Somalis living in SA. The Somalian flag is a machete-wielding warlord carving a starving child in half while eating a baby. When your nation has become too extreme for those lunatics, maybe it’s time to dial it back a bit.

I know that there’s a considerable overlap of my Readers and Taki’s, but for those who aren’t, get over there toot sweet.


  1. my two cents:
    I enjoy reading your blog/thoughts daily whether or not I find myself in agreement with you; you treat your readers as though they have a measurable IQ and some education beyond punchball during recess in the third grade.
    I find TAKI’s wonderings/wanderings OTOH leave me wondering/wandering. I have no wish to deride any author, though I envision the punishment of my eternal soul strapped to a chair having to read naught but TAKI’s maunderings

    1. Well, I though it was funny.

      I was, however, disappointed when I looked up the Somali flag and found out it was merely a single white star on a light blue background. A machete-wielding warlord carving a starving child in half while eating a baby, would have been much cooler.

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