News Roundup

Try to contain your excitement, because it’s time for our OLYMPIC SPECIAL !!!!

the irony of singing “Imagine there’s no countries” [sic] at a gathering which is the most nationalistic event in the world (outside actual warfare)…

And speaking of bad taste:

what’s to apologize for?  I haven’t laughed so much since Nancy Pelosi caught her tits in the swing door at the Four Seasons.  (In Comments, feel free to add your own mocking national symbols.)

lowest TV ratings in living memory.  And:

that’s LesboSoccer, which nobody watches anyway, but they lost to the LadyFrogs, which somehow makes it worse.  And:

probably because they actually are ugly.  And speaking of ugly:

…and a nation mourns:

Of course, there are the usual killjoys:

prolly because Butbul (excellent name, btw) was gonna kick his Muzzie ass anyway.

if this goes on, the Izzies are going to medal in every event, just by default.

…good thing there wasn’t a Jew in the pool, or Ahmed would have watched the final on TV.

And speaking of people who haven’t always liked Jews:

which makes no sense, in that the only people who actually watch Olympic gymnastics are women and homos anyway.

thus giving us even less reason to watch the Olympics.

And the wokeness continues, e.g. the Norwegian women’s beach volleyball team is wearing shorts instead of bikinis.

…and they used to look so nice:

Fortunately, our girls continue to show good form:

And to round things off:

wait, it gets hot in Japan?

and guess what else they lied about:

sounds like an all-round success to me Not that anyone cares.


  1. “Team USA fails to medal at opening of Summer Olympics for first time in decades”

    Your comment is misleading. That article is saying that no USA Olympians medaled on the first day of the games in any sport… and that hasn’t happened since 1972.

      1. I try not to watch or read any news at all. I just come here for the news.
        I figure if three rogue criminals from the planet krypton try to enslave my planet or if something important actually happens, I’ll hear about it.

  2. Those beach volleyball girls are clearly fans of Canada, what with showing so much of their beavers, our national animal, and for a good reason I say.

  3. Spot on Kim. John Legend and Keith Urban singing Imagine in the woke olympics. Imagine no possessions, yeah right.

  4. Way back when, when I read Shogun, the author made mention a time or two about Japanese summers and why they were so fond of silk as a result. So not really a surprise.

  5. It’s a shame that there are no online resources the IOC could use to research historical summertime temperatures in Japan.

  6. They could have asked me. I spent more than a few summers there. Rainy season followed by toasty season.

  7. 33 degrees C = 91.4F. I remember many afternoons when I was in the Air Force at Cannon AFB, New Mexico, when it was over 105F outside (but a dry heat!) and the swamp cooler couldn’t get it below 90 _inside_ our house.

    It is quite easy to look up temperatures on the internet. For instance, look up a city in Wikipedia and go to the “Climate” section. For example:

    Scroll down a bit and you’ll find it all laid out in a table. _Moscow_’s record is 5C warmer than that weather the Russians are complaining about, and there is very little of the world that doesn’t beat Moscow. Tokyo’s record is 6.5C higher. Where I grew up in Northern Michigan can get 8 degrees C higher:,_Michigan#Climate, and this is farther north than the most populous part of Canada. Back then, no one considered it necessary to air condition homes or schools. Where I live now, in Grand Rapids, the temperature will reach 95F every day for weeks in most summers, and I certainly do air condition.

    Now, Tokyo’s _average_ high is pretty mild, but you don’t experience averages. You experience the actual temperatures, and there is no guarantee what those will be more than a week or two out. Tokyo happens to be experiencing a heat wave right now. Wherever these Russkie complainers came from, except maybe St. Petersburg or the Arctic Sea coast, they have experienced hotter heat waves.

  8. I abhor that song “imagine” written by that hypocrite Lennon. Karl or John, take your pick.

    they never televise enough of the events I want to watch, the shooting events, archery, fencing, or horse events. Sometimes they televise enough women’s beach volleyball. Some malcontent was bitching about the women’s beach volleyball uniforms being too small. Don’t they want ratings?


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