No Kidding

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Read my lips: We’re not going back to masks and lockdowns again

Thankfully I live in Texas, where the state government isn’t entirely run by power-hungry assholes like those in California and New York, to name but two.  Which means that this mask foolishness is unlikely to get any traction except by members of the Perpetually Fearful Set, who are concentrated in Democrat hell-holes like Austin and suburban north Dallas.   The mommies shopping at Trader Joe can wear a dozen masks at a time for all I care;  I’ll just shop in my normal manner.  (And if Trader Joe starts that “only ten people in the store at a time” nonsense, I’ll shop elsewhere until they come to their senses.)

As for lockdowns… forget it.  The boys at Meal Team Six can stay home playing Medal Of Honor or working in the JiffyLube grease pit.


  1. I suspect that we’ll go back on lockdowns here in the Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia. We have a recall election (to recall our gov, Newscum). It worked so well during the 2020 elections, I’m sure they’ll reprise it for our election in Sept.

    1. Obligatory wearing of masks? andyinsdca is right, we’re going there, and thanks to the supermajority in the State Legislature, with or without Newscum at the helm (Without, I hope, but judging by my Leftist Brothers and their Stalinist wives and Maoist friends, I don’t hold much hope, although once in the privacy of one’s voting booth, mature and responsible people — still some in Commifornia — are known to do the right thing. once in a while. Now and then. When you roll snake eyes five times in a row).

      They don’t say what kind of a mask I must wear. I see where I can buy a rubber Biden the figurehead mask, but I’ve been really wanting a Newscum mask, but then, would anyone recognize him? A Biden mask it is, then.

      BTW, Biden has the emphasis on the second syllable, and the “N” is silent.

  2. The only place I ever see masks in a store anymore is Trader Joe’s – bingo! Here, they don’t make you wear them unless you’re an employee.

    1. Mask-wearing is no longer about (an illusion of) safety, it’s signaling that your a Pro(Re)gressive sheep. So there’s no surprise that Trader Joe’s is the last place requiring them. The question is, why would you fellows know that?

  3. doctor’s office hasn’t ever stopped wearing masks. It’s beyond annoying. Will they demand I use crutches despite the fact that I don’t have a broken leg? These are supposed to be rational people of science capable of critical thinking. They have become mindless sheep. I had a boss like that and when she became utterly intolerable I turned in my notice.


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