Stomach, Sick To

This article, and the pathology it describes, fills me with all the negatives:  disgust, horror, loathing, hatred and the burning desire to lay about these people with a barbed-wire-wrapped cricket bat.

Which is surprising, because for the last twenty years or so, American girls have been raised from birth to be premium dating fodder, primed from the first whiff of puberty to be Available for Sex on Saturday Night. So why are they being ghosted in droves? Abandoned and left to die alone, clutching their pets and Warren for President signs?
You’d think these girls would be experts at snagging a mate. Years of sex ed, birth control pills, and permission to date early and often with no judgement from the grownups should have guaranteed they’d have suitors dangling from their every finger, lines outside the door, dates every night, so many engagement rings shoved under their noses they’d be blinded by the shimmering sight of all those diamonds nestled against black velvet.
What happened?

Read the whole article, but only if you have a strong stomach.

An entire generation — maybe even two — will have been corrupted almost beyond redemption.


  1. Haven’t read the article yet, but based on the snippet above, the writer seems to be confusing “sex toy” with “wife material”. Penis-envying Marxism (IE “feminism”) has primed young women for the former, while teaching them that the latter is somehow oppressive.

    EDIT: Reading the article now. Looks like the writer is aware of the distinction I make above. Good to see.

  2. You’ve got to be heartless and analytical.

    It’s evolution in action.

    Civilization has let too many mentally deficient people survive and breed and that nasty bitch mother nature is about to clean house.

  3. It’s apparent that some person, or group of people, has a strong interest in seeing the world population reduced to a few hundred million.
    Sailing ships, cavalry, pestilence. The good old days.

  4. I read part of the article the other day, had to stop.

    As my dear departed father would say “If she had as many pricks sticking out of her as she’s had in her, she’d look like a porcupine”.

    Or another pearl of his “Why buy a cow when you get milk for free?”

  5. My parenting manifesto was always “To foster complete, well rounded and formidable human beings capable of selecting and implementing their own agenda as productive members of an adult society”.

    This excludes the vapid, empty sexual holocaust the article’s author rails against.
    It also does not require the virginal neo-Victorian the author holds as the ideal. (*1)

    The author even identifies the source: reactions against the parent’s own unbalanced upbringing impinging on their own view of sexuality. (*2)

    It take balance, nuance, wisdom and understanding, all characteristics that are increasingly lost in this society to foster adult humans who are responsible to themselves with their own hearts and genitals.

    (*1): “The number I would prefer is one, and my son would be the only name on the list, and it would be written in indelible forever ink on her heart.”
    (*2): “Munchausen by proxy is a mental illness …”

  6. We need more dads with shotguns. I never actually cleaned mine in front of daughters’ boyfriends but I threatened to enough. I assume that AWFLs don’t know anyone like that.

  7. How about some little nudges like no state child support for non-widowed single mothers? Those who are opposed to abortion can put their children up for adoption.

  8. I think that the Modern (Progressive) West places entirely too much importance on sex. Yes, it is a primal drive. So is eating. Eating everything in sight will end with you poisoned or about the size of a whale.

    I married my best friend at a time in my life when I was far to stupid to do anything that smart on purpose, but it’s worked well for us.. If a young lady doesn’t have anything to offer but nookie, or offers it too soon, she will be treated as a masterbation tool, because most young men are too dim to look for more.

    As Harold Ross said; “Sex is an incident.”

    And, unless you have laid the foundations of a deeper relationship first, it is anti-romantic.

  9. Take-away from the column:
    * “…nobody wants to wife a sex object…”
    Verb for the day:
    * wife
    Used in a sentence:
    * “According to other mohammadans, we can wife for twenty minutes, then we can un-wife… and this’s perfectly legit! Oh, laudee laudee, I love being a mohammadan for a couple hours a week!”
    * “Let’s get nekkid, and lay on the wifing bed so we can wife! Hubba hubba!”

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