Simple Solution

(From Kenny)

This is probably not going to make me too popular with Woke Nation, but I see that there’s a huge brouhaha arising from the decisions of various Woke officials to open up women’s sports to wannabe women (i.e. men who are “gender-confused” or similar).  Said brouhaha, of course, has to include the World’s Most Irritating Blowhard (Piers Morgan, no link because Morgan), who talks about “destroying women’s athletics” and similar.

Frankly, I don’t care a rat’s ass about that, because (deep breath) I don’t think women’s athletics should even include strength events such as weightlifting and shot put (to name but a couple), and let’s not even get started on women’s rugby, boxing and MMA.

Considering that most female weightlifters take testosterone to build up their strength anyway, I see little difference between the ladymen who identify as women and the burlywomen who take drugs to resemble men.

“O but Kim,” I can hear already, “womyns have every right to have events such as shot put and weightlifting, you male chauvinist woman-hater [20,000-word diatribe deleted].”

You see, this is mostly because I prefer to think of women as ladies — a quaint, old-fashioned concept in these modernist times — and while I have no problem with physically strong women, I think most men and women prefer that they aren’t.  Witness, for example, the support for the slender, petite Chris Evert vs. that of the ultra-manly Martina Navratilova — and the development of women’s tennis since then has shown that even the most talented of the “ladies” (Gabriela Sabatini, Anna Kournikova, Arantxa Sanchez, Hanna Mandlikova, Amelia Mauresmo and so on) would stand about as much chance against the Williams sisters as a haystack against a Tiger tank.

That’s fine;  but if women are going to have strength and bulk be part of their sports, blurring the line between women and men, so to speak, then they can’t really complain when the line is extinguished altogether, can they?

So do I think that trannie men should be allowed into women’s sports?  Absolutely not;  but if they are, I’m not going to cry over it, either.

I’m sure there’s a market for all these sports;  I just want no part of them.

Full disclosure:  Chris Evert is only a month younger than I am, and I still have a huge teenage-like crush on her.


  1. The world is currently upside down. I have a sort of libertarian view, let people do as they may as long as they aren’t harming others. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, this perverted bullshit has gotten way out of control.

    Men in women’s rooms? WTF? That needs no explanation on why that is wrong!

    Women in men’s rooms? (And no the women that frequent men’s rooms are not models or lipstick lesbians guys, instead they are rough looking broads who wish to castrate men). The only thing to mention here, I do not want these things in my bathroom, but if they do come in, I do not want to hear one thing about how bad my schizzle smells. And again real ladies don’t use a men’s room.

    Trannies in sports? Ok. As long as the men play with men and the women play with women, no matter how they dress or think gender wise. and that gender is based on something the libtards say they love – SCIENCE! What is the science you ask? Men have penis’s and women have vaginas.

    And let’s make this clear. Plastic surgery sex organs don’t count. It’s whatever equipment you were born with.

    Additionally, stop conducting corporate, educational trainings at work on the freak shows that walk among us, I mean, trannies, and stop telling us we have to accept and love these people. No I don’t. I have to work with them and show them some respect. I don’t have to like, love, embrace, or otherwise show fondness towards these Changelings.

    LGBTQ BBQ BLT 123 Plus. How many more letters will be added to this disgusting alphabet soup?

    Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner is running for Governor of California. I would support HIM over Gavin GRUEsome, as NewSCUM IS A COMMIE, and at least Bruce is a RINO. Thank god I don’t live in that shit hole commiefornia. (I do unfortunately live in another libtard state). The progressives are cancer to society.

    I’ll close with this. In the old days, people were told the saying “keep your opinions to yourself”

    How about a modern day update to that saying. “Keep your penis and vagina mutilation and cross dressing to yourself”.

    When these freaks cry how they are oppressed and picked on, it’s hard to feel sorry for them when they go out into society and tell anyone who will listen and spew their BS at everyone about how they are a chick with a dick or a dude with boobs.


    Following the 3 above simple rules will keep MOST people out of MOST trouble.

  2. The most brutal wake up call will be in fighting – boxing & MMA, when a dude who feels pretty beats a woman to death. In front of a cheering crowd. She’ll be dead, but at least she’ll be woke. Victory!

    The rule oughtta be: if you have the xy chromosome, you’re not competing against anyone who doesn’t. Don’t care how much of a pussy you are.

  3. I read somewhere else that an Australian or New Zealander dude that is “100% a woman” ruptured a testicle lifting weights for his competition in the women’s weightlifting. Hopefully it is a career ending injury.

    1. Gives new meaning to the old phrase “BUST A NUT”.

      Ever funnier is HE busted a nut on weights that little girls can lift.

      Beta males.

  4. I think this horseshit 1st appeared on my radar 10 or 15 years ago when Serena Williams had set some major milestone record in women’s tennis. NPR had John McEnroe on as the expert to talk about it. During the interview he called her the greatest women’s player of all time. NPR’s woke female host indignantly demanded “Why do you have to call her the greatest WOMEN’S player? Why not just the greatest player? McEnroe replied “Because she’s not. She couldn’t beat the 200th ranked player on the men’s side.”

    That gave everyone in Pussytown the vapors, and it became a fabricated bullshit controversy & McEnroe took a ton of heat for it. Williams got sucked into the drama and made it clear she didn’t entirely agree with JM. She said she probably could beat the 200th ranked men’s player. But definitely not the 100th. She said she had a hard time against her male hitting coach, who wasn’t even a pro.

    But there are no differences between men and women. How dare you presume otherwise, you slack-jawed bigoted mansplainer. Because science.

    1. There are some women who could kick men’s asses. Ronda Rousey comes to mind. She’s hot and kicks ass. I say if beta males with mental illness (any guy who dresses as a female or chops their equipment off has mental illness) wants to fight real women, let’s laugh when the soy boys get their behinds handed to them by REAL ladies.

      On the flip side, when progressive femi-nazis want to step into an arena / ring with real men, I don’t want to hear them cry either when they get the snots beat out of them.

      “All is fair in love and war” right?

      1. I don’t see what all the fuss is about, the Soviet “Woman’s” Olympic Track and Field teams featured competitors of questionable gender for 30 years.

  5. On the topic of REAL women, search the web for Chris Evert 2020 and look at images. 66 years young and DAMN! I’d let her play with my tennis balls, or any balls for that matter.

  6. Last weekend I came in, slapped together a sammich (roast beef with Swiss and a slather of horseradish on rye, if you must know) cracked open a bottle of what some claim is beer, and turned on the tube for background noise.

    No clue what network it was, but I was greeted by the Titless Wonders of the Lesbian Soccer League. I do understand breast tissue is largely fat, so females who perform a LOT of aerobic exercise and maintain a high protein diet won’t look like Salma Hayek or Carol Vorderman. Soccer lesbians, figure skaters, etc. That said, several were not unattractive, at least on the outside. Between the ears, I’m sure it’s a very different story.*

    To the point of Kim’s post, given the basic, fundamental and undeniable biological differences, I cannot provide any support, or acceptance, of crossing the gender line in athletic endeavors; those with vaginas should compete only against others with vaginas, ditto for penises. There is no degree of fairness otherwise.

    That said, if you belong to, or participate in events sanctioned by, some sort of athletic organization and allow penis-bearing competitiors into your sport you have only yourself to blame. “Man Up.” to coin a phrase, and walk away from the fucking assholes who want to screw you out of your due.

    As for non-competitive gender-crossing, e.g., biological women in men’s locker rooms or vice-versa, you want to use the showers with me, sweetie, feel free, I don’t give a shit, the United States Marines provided a Masters’ Degree in lack of privacy. As to the reverse, it’s whatever you will put up with, and I’d suggest becoming familiar with something in a major caliber; surprisingly few events of those type will have a remarkable impact on the culture war.

    * In my much younger years a much-revered uncle advised me that “it’s easy to find what you want between her legs, the challenge is finding what you need between her ears.” I’ve learned that is gospel.

    1. So does that mean that Kamala “Cum Balls and Hair Ass” Harris has a dick between her ears?

      Does Doug Emhoff taste Willie Brown’s tennis balls on her tongue?

      Did Ellen DeGENERATE Degeneras lick BIG MIKE Michelle Obama’s MAN-GINA?

      Between the ears eh?

  7. Maybe the offended women weightlifters should have a rusty scissors party and make the latest New Zealand him/it/she actually one of them.
    What a self-centered scumbag he/it/she is.

    But then again, it’s been the feminazis who’ve been stirring the pot for this sort of “I’m offended – I want a set aside for me first” crap for a hundred years.
    Guess what girls – we’re not all equal no matter how much you bitch and moan and wish and sue to make it so.

    We can fix the problem by having just teams, just competitions – no men’s, no women’s, just try out and keep the best regardless of gender, chromosomes, identities or whatever other bullroar anybody can think up.
    And while we’re at it, all the judged sports (rhythmic gymnastics, synchro swimming, ice skating) can be exhibition only; in a real sport, only faster, higher, farther, stronger, points scored counts.

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