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A whole bunch — at least a dozen of you — wrote to me with the excellent news that Salma Hayek has no intention of ending her stream of bikini pics, all taken during the Wuhan Panic Festival of 2020.

I’m assuming they are of this genre:

However, I have also received the occasional missive from people (men, I think) who do not share my fondness for full-figured women.  (I know, they’re to be pitied, but whatever.)

So in order to prove that this here back porch is a Big Tent, so to speak, here are a couple of skinnier women who can also wear a bikini, e.g. Liz Hurley:

…Lottie Moss: 
…Karen Gillan: 

…Amanda Holden:

…Kimberley Garner:

…and so on.  I hope you fans of the A-cup are satisfied.


  1. I’m no model myself, so I won’t judge women’s bodies too critically. However that being said. While these skinny women are beautiful, there ain’t much meat on them bones.

    I agree with Mr du Toit. Gotta have curves. Not so much in the chest (A cup is fine – as small and perky beats large and floppy any day) but more so important in the legs, thighs, hips and waist. Need something to hang on to and grab.

    To each their own, but full figured is the best in my opinion.

    Some top picks
    – Kirstie Alley
    – Keely Shaye Smith
    – Sara Rue
    – Jennifer Tilly
    – Jennifer Coolidge
    And my personal favorite, the 30 minute meal lady
    – Rachael Ray

    Additionally, older is better too. I enjoy the “antiques”.


  2. For me, it’s not a problem with full figured women, (…depending, of course, upon the definition of “full figured”.) I, personally, like both slender to full figured and all points in between.

    What I don’t really care for, and don’t understand the attraction to, are the women who have these humongous “massive mammaries” that are way out of proportion to the figure that they have. Breast augmentation is a thing, but breast reduction is too.

    And as I have always said – ad nauseum – “Free American citizens are allowed to have different tastes than you or I.”

    Oh, and thank you for the latest pictures. These ladies are all very nice and much appreciated – for me, especially that last one – Miss Garner. **

    Hubba, Hubba.

    (I’m also a sucker for a nice petite girl in a white bikini. The “A” cup breasts, which perfectly match her figure are an added bonus.)

    (** …even if she is probably young enough to be my granddaughter.)

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