News Roundup

With commentary briefer than this bikini bottom:

When you’ve quite finished…

just in case these pricks haven’t frightened enough people.

what they mean is:  don’t have sex.  Talking to a couple thousand good-looking youngsters all by themselves, in peak physical condition;  yep, that’s going to work.

yes, because if prices rise, people buy less.  Only fools and MBAs (some overlap) think that increasing prices will boost sales.

yeah:  syphilis. gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, no problem.  But the WuFlu?  Outta here, bitches.

I might have fallen in love with her, until I saw her face.  Key word:  Manchester.

oh he can’t be dangerous… look, they even gave him a name Wales wins again.

to be yet the latest product to see sales drop though the floor.  Wait till you see who the main model is

I expected Africa for this one;  but given how most of Africa seems to be “migrating” to Spain, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.

hey, go ahead and pick another national flag which does.  Then fuck off and live there.

and she looks pretty much how you’d expect her to look.  One would hope that the 8-a-day activity would involve only one man, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

And now it’s time for INSIGNIFICA:

…and this surprises you because…?

And finally, some wives that might be worth fighting the husband for:

Blake Lively:

Tamzin Outhwaite:

Rachel Weisz (yeah, she’s married to 007;  it’s a movie character):

And lastly, someone who needs no introduction:

Now… where did I put those brass knuckles?


  1. Kim,
    Tip ‘o the hat to you, sir. Thank you for the pic of The Lovely and Talented Rachel Weisz. That was a good start to an otherwise droll morning.
    – Brad

  2. Ryan Reynolds (Black Lively’s husband) just seems too much fun to throw down with in order for a roll in the hay with his wife. Christina Hendricks husband OTOH (“the snozzberries taste like snozzberries” guy from Super Troopers) I’d shake his hand for getting a woman way outside his league to marry him and then beat him down for a few hours with his flawless specimen of redhead femininity.

  3. Victoria’s Secret – “It is understood the new group of women will not be modelling the lingerie”
    That’s right – a skinny “chick” with no tits and a dick or balls hanging out of the overpriced skimperie wouldn’t photograph very gracefully, but they should try it – nowadays, it would get past editorial censorship and be a big hit in San Fransicko.
    Maybe they should bring out a new line of fur or leather jock straps too.

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