The Divine Harry

Harry Enfield, that is (video via Mr. Free Market), and not the ginger twat married to that Hollywood strumpet.

“Over-education [of women] leads to ugliness, premature aging and beard growth.”

Not too sure of the “beard growth”, but if he means masculinization, he’s perfectly correct.

I find these women only marginally more attractive than the ones that Harry depicts.

And if you want to see how Our Betters regard us Deplorables, his take on the working classes is priceless.  For us, it’s comedy;  for them, it’s social commentary.


  1. where was that Harry Enfield video for Wimmins month?

    I’ve heard it said that the only thing this country did wrong was let women vote and drive


  2. Wow. What a collection of women there. Thats like a nightmare of what’s left in the bar at 12 and you try to get drunk enough.
    I’ve never been that drunk or desperate.

    1. Oh, aren’t YOU the special one?

      I can’t say the same… in fact, some of those in the picture could be the granddaughters of several I dated in college.

  3. Or as Rush (PBUH) was wont to say: Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.

    1. It enables women to rent the men who would never marry them, with no one permitted to criticize them.

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