1. From the first moment I saw her I just knew my new baby sitter would be fun !

  2. There are no ugly women at closing time.

    Unfortunately, closing time is not depicted in this picture

        1. Back in the day, the fleet sailors I knew considered this important question: “Would their underwear fit over a 27″ TV set?”

          and, the final quality indicator….
          Nobody over 245 until after 2:45

  3. Hmmmm….there’s something about that woman(?), that shirt and that kid that just don’t go together….

  4. Careful! In today’s world you don’t know if that shirt is an invitation or an offer.

  5. If I were a carpenter and you were a lady
    Would you marry me anyway would you have my baby
    If you were a carpenter and I were a lady
    I’d marry you.

    Or maybe not

  6. Uncle Glen was an ex Navy Seal but had obviously undergone some changes. Gee he wanted me to call him Aunt Glenda for some reason.

  7. She is giving off some kind of racist, or gang sign with her right hand. Could mean anything including she is mean.

  8. Along with Drag Queen Story Hour, the Town Library is pleased to announce Butch Dyke Story Hour!

  9. Little Akmed is so proud of his new fez!


    Slowly realizing his new birthday fez is the worst hat in the known universe (outside of most military headgear, that is…) little Akmed wishes he asked for socks instead!


    Seen here wondering if he could dye his new birthday fez to ‘work with’ the rest of his extensive ‘cultural’ wardrobe, little Akmed employs some of his ‘charm’ on a convenient female admirer!
    Will he be successful?
    Tune in next week for new news!


    After wearing his new birthday fez for a grand total of two seconds (the amount of time required for this portrait with aunt Akmedia), little Akmed politely set it aside to play with the box instead!

    1. set it aside to play with the box instead

      And gawd help him if he played with THAT box…

      Oh, wait.

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