Pecking Order

Now we have yet another way to make criminal acts still worse than the acts themselves:

Misogyny will now be recorded as a hate crime with police asked to identify whether offences are motivated by ‘hostility based on sex’

So it’s not just bad that you kill a woman;  calling her a “filthy bitch” as you stab her to death makes the crime that much more reprehensible.  But it gets better.

Police forces will be asked to record and identify any crimes of violence, including stalking and sexual offences, where the victim believed it to have been motivated by ‘hostility based on their sex’, a Home Office minister said.

Ummmm I thought that stalking, for instance, has always been solely motivated by hostility based on sex — unless he’s following her around to see who she’s bonking now that they’re no longer a couple, maybe?

Damn, it’s confusing.

Okay, let’s see if I’ve got the order of badness right.

Killing a Black person is bad;  killing him while calling him a filthy nigger is terrible, the worst, unforgivable.  (I think we can all agree that thanks to the Burn/Loot/Murder pressure group, that action is pretty much at the top of the Evil Hate List.)

Next, I would imagine that calling someone a fucking Paki / towelhead / Meskin / [insert brown-skinned ethnic group here]  as you shoot them in the face might be next in the pecking order.  (Not included:  Chinks, Japs, Flips, dot-head Indians and other East Asian types, who somehow seem to be excluded from this shitfest — probably because they’re not whining as loudly, and good for them.)

Now we come to wimmyns, as noted earlier.  (Killing one of the “protected” species of women — e.g.  a  Black woman — while denigrating her race would elevate the evil standard straight up to Group 1, of course.)  Anything at all that hints at some kind of animus towards a female victim (by a man — women are of course completely blameless in this little game, bless them) is now going to feel The Full Force Of The Law.  (Not quite sure where genital mutilation or honor killings fall in this order — my guess is they’re not included because delivering ad hoc  clitoridectomies seems to be the sole preserve of Black men — a protected species — and honor killings are okay because We Don’t Want To Offend Muslims Lest They Hate Us Even More. )

Jews — once the most protected species because Auschwitz — seem to have fallen down the table.  Killing a rabbi while calling him a filthy Jewboy probably has some cachet, even, among certain Muslim asshole groups e.g.  Al-Qaeda and/or Nation Of Islam.  But a Black man murdering a “Jew bastard” in Hymietown (thank you, Rev. Jesse Jackson) would probably be punished with a light slap on the wrist nowadays, because Jews are asking for it because they have too much money and control the Bilderbergers or some such.  And Jews don’t murder too many people of any group other than Jews, unless they’re Supremely Evil Mossad agents who kill Pore Ayrabs without rhyme or reason (I’m told).

Way at the bottom of the Evil Hate Scale are MPPs — Male Persons of Pallor — because everyone knows that we are the root cause of all the world’s problems e.g. through systemic racism and ingrained misogyny, therefore it’s open season on us and we can be murdered, raped, stalked or beaten up pretty much at will, by any of the above, without too much in the way of consequence.  Insults delivered during the murdering etc. are probably not necessary because, annoyingly, nobody has yet come up with a pejorative nickname that actually causes offense to MPPs — “cracker”, “honky”, “chauvinist pig” and the like are fairly innocuous, and are actually quite cute, really.  Just being a White man per se  is sufficient motive for blameless murder.

Frankly all the above reminds me of something… wait, what is it?

Oh yeah, now I remember.  It’s just like Apartheid South Africa, only with the groups inverted.


  1. A couple weeks ago a female friend posted some horse-squeeze on Fecesbook about how we need to teach men not to assault women, because a woman should be able to go where she wants and do what she wants without fear of assault. I replied that not only do most men NOT assault women (at least not for any meaningful definition of assault, because asking her for a date isn’t assault even if she’s not interested), most men would come to a woman’s defense should they see a woman being assaulted, because most men are decent and honorable. I left out the story of how I once saw a woman being hit by a man in a bar, I came to her defense (because I was young and stupid) and SHE swung a beer bottle at me.

    What I really WANTED to say was “Golly, why didn’t my parents think if teaching me not to assault women? If only parents would do such things, we wouldn’t have ANY assaults on women. And why stop there, why not teach everyone NOT to steal, murder, litter, run red lights, drive drunk, leave dog shit on neighbors lawns, double park, etc ad nauseum? We could close the prisons, fire the cops and DAs (they can learn to code)!” Also left out was that the single biggest predictor of going to prison was being raised by a single mother, so maybe WOMEN need to teach their sons not to do all those things.

    Or maybe just remember Mark’s First Rule of Social Interaction: “In any population, the percentage of assholes is non-zero.” So while MOST men are decent and honorable, there is the occasional asshole you have to watch out for. No amount of teaching, reasoning, or imploring will change him, because he’s an asshole. The best you can do is appeal to his own self-interest by showing him he’ll get his ass kicked if he continues to ACT like an asshole.

    1. “leave dog shit on neighbors lawns”

      But where else are you supposed to leave it? (/sarc)

    2. Indeed. Our local state rep’s son was killed a few years back outside a local bar because he tried to stop Some Dood from beating up Some Dood’s girlfriend.

    3. And what does your female friend suggest happen in the meantime until the last ten percent of men get the message that assaulting women is bad, uncool, streng verboten and will result in severe punishment?
      What to do in the meantime? I mean other than scaring the men who will never “be that guy” in the idiot public service announcements telling guys to “Not be that guy?”

    4. At this point, I am NOT coming to the defense of a stranger unless the situation is totally obvious, like a mass shooting. There are too many unknowns, especially if you didn’t see the entire incident. I’m too old for a physical altercation and the gun is reserved for me and mine. Strangers get the benefit of my phone. If the cops show up on a timely basis they will have backup and be dripping with qualified immunity.

  2. Bravo, Mr du Toit.

    I have been becoming more and more mystified at the ever changing totem pole placement of grievance mongers.

    Your piece is a beacon of clarity amongst all the various howler monkeys claiming top spot on the victim pole.

    1. That totem pole is top heavy and it seems I’m the only one left at the bottom, and old white dood that minds his own bidnit.

      1. …and is well-armed.

        I rather think, old buddy, that you’re not the only one at the bottom… there may be quite a few of us.

  3. You left out the gays. Or rather the ever-changing LGBTABCDBATFELMNOP.

    It’s the only victim group that allows white (men?) to join. It’s position in the hierarchy changes daily, depending on the latest public outrage. Wimmen and the gays jockey for position while the blacks seem to have #1 on a semi-permanent basis.

    1. Most women would appreciate if that was the group the 85% of men who are below average were to magically become gay before the sun comes up tomorrow. Then they could compete for the men they’re interested in the other half of the population.

      1. They do already. The gay part (which is really only about 5%) is only good for escorting them to parties and functions anyway.

  4. Signed up for my “vaccine” shot yesterday and filled out the endless form on the web site. Half way though I came the page where they wanted my Sex and gender. Apparently these are two separate things now because there were 2 separate answer lists with a dropdown list of 8 to 10 choices each. I selected ” Prefer not to disclose” for both lists since I suspect answering as male would move me to end of the list. … And my wife wants me to get the poke.

  5. Bravo, GT3Ted! I have to sign up for the vaccination too. I think I’ll do exactly what you did.

    I’ve wanted to get a t-shirt printed up that says:
    I’m a White
    And I’m tired of being victimized as everyone else’s victimizer!

    But it’s pretty darn wordy and would probably cause me more trouble than it would be worth. sigh.

  6. And how long before I have to pay reparations to each of those groups? If I identify as one of them, maybe I can just pay myself.

  7. “…..offences are motivated by ‘hostility based on sex’
    OK, when will they arrest all the man-hating feminazis and bull dykes with a chip on their shoulders?
    Or, as I suspect, is this a one-way street like all the other *spit* “hate crime” statutes that are enforced only if the alleged offender is a white male?

  8. >>” where the victim believed ”

    So, the victim’s beliefs, whether they’re justified or delusional is the pivot upon which hate crime turns?

    This subjectification of crime is the rotten dark core of the lunacy, and it just begs to be gamed.

    1. Geek
      Of course the system is gamed. Look at Jussie Smollet in Chicago and the what happened to the Duke Lacross players several years ago. There are more incidents like this where the accusations were false and the alleged perps had to shell out a lot of money for a legal defense only to have the accuser recant. Those are the fortunate ones. The truly unfortunate ones go to jail and get exonerated much later.


    1. you’re absolutely right. The concept of “innocent until prove guilty” has been rejected by large numbers of imbeciles, er society


  9. People, people, people, you are trying too hard. Far too hard.
    Kim’s analysis is very very good, logical and correct but only for the moment. The goal post are continually moving and it is NOT YOUR JOB job or responsibility to determine what action(s) to take or not take at any given moment and place.
    YOU WILL BE TOLD what to do or not do, what to say or not say, where to go or not go by your betters and those instruction will 1) have the force of law and 2) be valid for ONLY that
    particular TIME AND PLACE. Instruction for exactly the same situation 5 minutes later at a different location may ( and probably WILL ) be DIFFERENT and just as valid as the 1st instance !!
    See how easy that is ? !
    Just shut up and do as you are told by whomever has the megaphone or the uniform or the sign !
    Of course I’m being sarcastic, but I’ll bet dimes against stale doughnuts, if we could ever prove or disprove it, that what I’ve said, is FAR closer to the plan/intent of these cretins than any of us would ever believe !

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