If It Saves Just One Life

Someone took me to task the other day because I still occasionally wear a face condom despite having been vaccinated against the Chinkvirus.  (Generally, I don’t anymore, unless some store flunky comes up and politely asks me to wear one, in which case I touch my face, assume a startled look, and put the stupid thing on.)

I put the face mask on because it saves lives.

Not “saving lives” in the sense of spreading the Chinkvirus, of course.  In my case, saving lives means that when a busybody gives me grief about not wearing one, I refrain from breaking his fucking neck, because (and this is an important point) some Karen is going to take umbrage at my behavior and call the manager.  (I think we can all see where this is headed.)  When I rinse and repeat by breaking his (and most likely her) neck, the cops are going to be called, there may be gun play, and people are probably going to die (myself included).

So my putting on a face mask saves lives — just not in the Fauci sense of the word.


  1. My cousin never wears one. He just politely tells them that he once inhaled poison gas in the line of duty. Of course he’s also a retired police detective and still carries his shield and gun everywhere.

  2. Yesterday, in the outskirts of Houston (League City/Texas City area), I went to 4 different establishments while running errands. All four still had the “please wear a mask” sign up. In two, no one was wearing masks – employees or customers. In one, employees wearing but no customers wearing, and finally in one everyone but me was wearing one. I didn’t even carry mine and not a single Karen spoke up. I think people are getting (have gotten?) real tired of the BS and are now in a kind of game of chicken to see who’s gonna stop first with the mask wearing. I give it another week and all but the most Karen-est will have thrown all the masks away.

  3. > in which case I touch my face, assume a startled look,

    I guess that’s one advantage of being old!

  4. Breezed right into HEB just now, maskless, past the big sign over the door saying “Masks Are Required”, past the girl at the door with the hand sanitizer and free masks, did my shopping and checked out and nobody said “Boo” to me or even gave me a hard look. That I saw. I’d guess that 90% of the shoppers I saw were still wearing the damned things, and that’s OK. The level of vaccination is not yet at the point where everyone can throw off the yokes, but for those of us fully vaccinated ? To hell with ’em. I’m not catching it from you, you’re not catching it from me.

  5. Never a shot (flu, normal or kung), never a mask, always a 1911.
    You don’t want to talk to the hand.

  6. A manKaren started to give me a lecture when I took it off outside a subway station because the way I just shoved it in my pocket was hazardous to my health. The fact that I was lighting a cigarette escaped him I guess.

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