…or, as George H.W. Bush used to say:  “Nah gunna do it.”

Once again, we are being implored to stop fighting among ourselves, with words such as:

There is much talk today about the splits in the Republican Party, though similar rifts plague the Democrats. But the sharpest, deepest divide remains between the two parties. Rarely in recent memory has it been so clear. Rarely has there been less of a center. Republicans must focus all their energy on regaining the majority in Congress.

Tell you what:  I’ll stop fighting with the GOPe / “centrist” Republicans when they stop acting as facilitators to the Socialists by “compromising” — i.e. yielding to the Socialists’ demands — when the Socialists seldom if ever make any concessions away from their Marxist agenda.

The Republicans’ most stunning success in recent years has been when conservatives act like, well, conservatives — ask Hillary Clinton — so the real concessions that the GOPe should be making are to us, the so-called “Trumpists*”, and not to the Marxists.

*The very next time a Republican refers derisively to a conservative as a “Trumpist”, I’m gonna give them a ball-kicking (or cunt-punt, depending on circumstances).  Leave the name-calling to the Marxists.


  1. As a Republican Congressman recently said on FOX, 40% of something is better than nothing. That is the attitude of a loser. Never enter a fight without planning to win.

    1. 40% of something is worse than nothing if the other side is getting 90% of what they wanted. Our congress critters seem to have totally mis-understood the meaning of compromise. It does not mean we get some of what we wanted while they get all and more of what they wanted.

  2. Yup, they’re a spineless bunch of capitulaters. Right now the election system seems so rigged I’m not sure if I’ll ever vote again. And if I do, I’m tempted to vote straight Democrat. Not that I want any of them, but just to get the RINOs and complacent backstabbing grifters out of our side of the aisle. Probably replace them with new RINO backstabbing grifters in the election after next, but at least they’d be new.

  3. “Trumpist” is an attempt to dismiss a set of ideals after they’ve labelled Trump a crazed, unstable, egomaniac. Conservatives have been on the rise since the days of the T.E.A. party and before. Trump was a tool of the movement, and may be again, but he doesn’t define conservatism. Conservatives won’t go away simply because he does.

  4. In the wake of a loss a fight is good. It rejuvenates a movement. The result gives new ideas and a new winner with the backing of the whole. Just look at the Democrats – I’m speaking of Harris, not Biden.

  5. When you find yourself in a war, kill the traitors before you kill the enemy.

    The enemy will never do as much damage as the traitors.

  6. We have a dictator in the presidential office. The Joint Chiefs need to step in and remind Biden he is supposed to be a president and not a dictator. We also have a speaker of the house doing insider trading. This needs to be addressed and a military tribunal would work.

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