News Roundup

As always, commentary tasting like battery acid.  And speaking of which:

maybe not oral sex, though.  Just sayin’.  And on that topic:

for women, it’s the impact crater in the back of the throat.

maybe if they went still further down and took two knees, then assumed the Muslim prayer position… naah, they’d still get it in the ass.

or, Busted For Telling The Truth #265.  Also:

to be fair, they aren’t like Nazis;  they’re like radical Islamist killers.

Too harsh?


guess it just wasn’t his day.  Africa Wins Again.

I wish.  Then at least they’d be about something.

so he didBet it wasn’t the first time she’d cut his nuts off, though.

and Russia Wins Again.

not mentioned:  nobody speaks English.  Even when they’re speaking English, you won’t understand a word.

That said, comedienne Aisling Bea is Irish:

Of course,  she lives in London, not Ireland — which makes her all the more desirable.


  1. Hey I can easily say I ain’t plugged in to todays culture. I like it that way. But clearly there are “some” bright spots out there. Ms Bea seems to be one. Watched a couple of YT videos of her. She is pretty funny and she put a smile on this grumpy old fart. Thankyou Kim for the link !

  2. The Irish accent is music to the ears, whether or not you understand it. But there are plenty of native-born Americans that speak worse English.

  3. Regarding the impala:

    I’m not so sure that’s about Africa winning again, as it is about that some animals are simply just food. *Something* was going to eat it, sooner or later.

  4. “Even when they’re speaking English, you won’t understand a word.”

    Mheh… Ireland, Scotland, Wales,… Eastern KY, West Virginia etc.

    “Prison officer thought she could tame sex killer….”

    Too bad a lovely young child had to pay the ultimate price for her mother’s stupidity.

  5. Anybody see the video of the three way fight between the crocodile, the lion and the Cape Buffalo defending her calf. Buff won but too late for the calf.

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