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From Taki:

“The irony today is that Americans keep bragging about their land of the free, yet cannot tell a joke, paint their face, whistle at a pretty girl, or even worship an ancestor without losing their careers and livelihoods.  PC tyranny rules supreme;  media, Hollywood, Big Tech, and academia follow strict orders;  and foolish Americans pretend that they’re free.”

Analysis:  TRUE.  We are about as free as Germans under Hitler.  And if the Left gets their way, conservative Americans will be as free as German Jews under Hitler.


  1. Mr’s Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, and Adams were quite adamant – surrender your freedoms, you will have to shed blood to get them back.

    History shows the slow erosions of personal, group, and National freedoms, and how terribly hard it is to get them back. The assault has been systematic, focused, and (now) aided by the technocrats and their wares.

    Its akin to making frog soup, with a live frog – the temp raises 1deg until its too late.

  2. He’s not wrong. The Karens have changed us from “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”, to “land of the fee, home of the cowardly sheep”. Makes me sick.

    I don’t see any realistic solutions. Despite all the 2nd Amendment talk, I don’t see modern Americans actually taking up arms, nor the military or law enforcement siding with the citizenry. I think Pournelle’s CoDominium America is a more likely outcome. A drugged-up, welfare dependent “citizenry”, ruled over by corrupt “elites” in their gated communities.

    I used to think it would all hold together during my lifetime (I’m 51), but that’s looking less and less likely. And with Reichsfuhrer Biden’s Junta hamstringing SpaceX and selling the US out to China, the possibility of an escape via the High Frontier becomes ever more remote (not that it was looking too likely during the past few decades anyway).

  3. Good article from Taki except I disagree that we Americans like to brag about our “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”. I think we used to, but that’s been hushed by the thought police as being misogynistic talk (or is that Homophobic? Islamophobic? Xenophobic??). Whatever it may be labeled, it’s obviously offensive to the snowflakes that permeate our country.

    My God, just have a look at what passes for men and women today. I’d love to be young again, but not in todays’ world.

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