Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

And just in time for Christmas, from the great state of Texas comes this excellent news:

The caller told 911 dispatch that her ex-boyfriend was breaking into her home, Officer Haley Morrow said. Then she fired a gun and hit the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene, she said.
Jefferson County Precinct One Justice of the Peace Ben Collins, Sr. said the man had a gunshot wound to the chest and was from Georgia. He said the homeowner fired one shot which struck the man in the chest and he has ordered an autopsy.

A one-shot kill?  Let’s hear it for the lady:

Wish we could be told the details, i.e. what gun, what caliber, what kind of boolet, etc.  But let’s not quibble too much.


  1. Always lost in the shuffle are the incidents where bloodshed is averted because the good guy is armed. It’s happened twice in my life.

    When I was an infant we took a day trip to the mountains & stopped at one of my parents’ favorite spots. During our stay a couple bikers rolled in. Dad could tell they were trouble so he loaded wife & kid into the car. During the load up one of the bikers shouted at dad to “let us in on summa that gook pussy.”

    Loudmouth wheeled his ride about 3 ft off the back bumper, dismounted & walked to the driver’s window. He leaned in to find himself looking down the barrel of a Colt Python. Loudmouth was suddenly silent. He & his compadre saddled up & rode off.

    In my 20’s I owned a ‘65 Barracuda which I towed to a building my dad owned where I was going to work on it. As I pulled onto the property there were a couple guys about my age sharing a crack pipe. I rolled down the window & said “Hate to tell you guys but this is private property & you’ll need to clear off.” They both snarled & cursed & one of them picked up a piece of rebar and advanced. I let him see my Makarov & told him to simmer down. Both men split.

    I always tell those stories when talking to anti gun snowflakes & ask if they’d prefer that me & dad had been unarmed on those occasions. Very rarely do I get a yes or no. Most often it’s a sputtering obfuscation. Lotta what ifs. What if you had shot & hit an innocent person seems to be a favorite.

    The FBI says that kind of defensive gun usage where the weapon is brandished but not fired and no one is hurt happens upwards of 200,000 times annually. There’s a private sector researcher by the name of John Lott who says it’s well into the millions. Whatever the actual tally, it’s not insignificant.

    1. I have a similar incident. A few years ago, I was driving along a curvy country road about 5 miles from home. The speed limit on that road was 35mph. I was going about 45. (…I knew the road well.) Unfortunately, I had a guy in back of me that thought I should be going faster and he had his front wheels practically in my trunk. I came to a place where I could turn out, so I pulled over to let the guy go on by. Slowing down to pull over must have pissed him off, so as he went by, he pulled alongside and screamed at me for stopping. I replied, “I pulled over to let you by!” He immediately pulled over right in front of me, slammed his car door open, and advanced on me with a hammer in his hand. I stuck a .357 in his face and told him: “Get the $%$# back in your car and go about your GD business!”

      And do you know what he did? That’s right. He, literally *ran* back to his car and “…went about his business.” Never saw him again.

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