News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to ignore, has been.  What’s left is below, with abbreviated commentary.  Let’s start with some good news, for a change:

otherwise known as the “Putting The Grownups In Charge” law.

of course, this happened in Britishland, where people are being driven insane by all the lockdown nonsense.  Here, the “vigilante” would have been shot by a concerned bystander.

Never mind, we have this to look forward to:

oh well, if someone from Yale tells us that, we can trust it, can’t we?

not that I care what this demented old fucker says, but let me tell you all, the minute I get vaccinated, I’m outta here.  Mostly to get away from him and his equally-horrible vice-president:

considering she worships at the Church Of Joseph Stalin The Redeemer, you’ll forgive me if I don’t believe her.

and people are still wondering why the UK decided to leave the EUNot that they aren’t fucking stupid themselves:

imagine having only CNBC/MSNBC to watch on TV and having to pay a lot of money for the privilege, and you’ll get an idea of what the Brits have to put up with.

I should also point out that His Wokeness is a vegan.  Just sayin’.

And now, a post-op report:

Bianca Gascoigne shows the results of her breast reduction surgery:

You just have to wonder…


  1. The Beeb story surprised me, but I suppose it shouldn’t have. They’re raking in ad revenues, and charging viewers for the privilege of watching the commercials they sell? Ye gods. Talk about double dipping (read: penetration). Do what I did more than a decade ago, you quaint British hobbits – cut the cord already. You’ll miss it initially, & then you’ll feel liberated.

  2. I have two words to say with regard to Miss Gascoigne: Day yum.

    I’m accustomed to seeing fine specimens of the fairer sex on Kim’s site, but she’s enough to make me walk past Christina Hendricks AND Sofia Vergara to get to her. Makes me wonder what her fatal flaw is….

      1. 32 shots of whisky. Crikey. Don’t know that I’d kick the buxom Bianca outta bed ’cause daddy’s a lush, though.

  3. I’m hoping that Abbott’s bill includes some defunding of it’s own.

    If Austin wants to cut the police, they won’t be needing an equivalent of state money.

    I think they need to pay up, one way or another, for the adults having to step in and run the show.

    1. If the city government is cutting the police, then shouldn’t the Austinites demand a refund of a part of their property taxes?

      And how can a stabbing happen in Britishland? I thought all the sharp pointy things had been taken up “for their protection”.

  4. Might be easier and cheaper to just build a wall around Austin and let them reap what they sow.

      1. As a resident of South Austin, may I suggest building the wall north of the river then blowing the bridges? Austin south of the river is still reasonably sane.

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