Not So Sure

I’d like to believe this, I really would.

…but I can’t count the number of times I’ve been energized by some kind of conservative uprising — first with Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America, then when the Tea Party took to the streets and finally, during the Trump phenomenon.

Every single one of them showed promise, and every single one of them failed in the face of concerted opposition from the massed forces of socialism:  academia, the mainstream media, Democratic Congress, pretty much the entire legal establishment (activist lawyers, Soros-sponsored prosecutors, liberal judges, a supine Supreme Court).  And then we had the outright — and so far, unpunished — lawlessness of a fraudulent and stolen election, to end all hope of peaceful, Constitutional change.

(Incidentally, Jim Hoft has done an excellent job of putting this into context, with details.)

For the first time in my life, I’m starting to understand the appeal of a “strongman” dictator like Franco or Pinochet, because the Augean Stables that this nation has become seems to be both unworkable and irredeemable.

Maybe I’m just too old for this anymore.  So yeah, Mr. Sleeping Giant:  go ahead and wake up, for all the good it will do.

I’ll do whatever I must when the forces of evil come knocking on my door;  but until then… I’m kinda where this guy is standing.


  1. The Donnie Douchebag phenomenon has everything to do with populism, and virtually nothing to do with conservatism. I’m old enough to remember when Barry excoriated W’s $5 trillion (gasp! vapors!) deficit as unamerican or something. DD makes W & Barry look like Ebenezer Scrooge. Those bills are gonna come due, & the GOP has been in lockstep every step of the way. The Tea Party was a Good Thing, and the McConnels/McCains/Ryans of the world drove the bulldozers that turfed it under. It’s been a long road for me to term limits. Now that I’ve traveled it, I’m all in. All in to something that will never happen. My alternate solution is the destruction of the GOP.

  2. At this point, it is really not just about Trump any more. It’s last call for the Constitution. It is not just the vote fraud, which is bad enough, it’s the coup attempt by the Organs of State Security (which has gone unpunished), it’s the complete breakdown of the rule of law in most of the cities, it’s the treason and authoritarianism of the corporate sector, it is the connivance of much of the ruling class with foreign enemies, it is the deliberate destruction of economic activity beyond the giant corporations and I could go on.

    So, what is to be done? Trump is the probably the only one who could inspire the Sleeping Giant to concerted action. He is almost out of time and has a limited number of tools to save the situation. The best short-term solutions would be for the Supreme Court to suddenly remember the Constitution or for the key state legislatures to do something about the fraud. The left would riot and burn their own cities again but we can deal with that. Failing that, martial law is one of the few things left in the tool box. This has happened dozens of times in the past, notably the First Civil War but also during WWII in Hawaii, strikes, riots, and natural disasters. In no case was the Constitution destroyed so I don’t think such a declaration is necessarily the end of the Republic like Caesar crossing the Rubicon. We know how that ended so it looks inevitable but suppose the conspirators had defeated Octavian and Anthony.

    Ideally, such a declaration would overturn the vote fraud, leaving Trump in office. After suppressing the inevitable disorder, the right move would be to institute negotiations for the National Divorce. I suspect places like NY and CA would secede. Rather than immediately going all Sherman on them, conditions could be set under which they could go peaceably. Then we could restore the Constitution in about 90% of the land mass of America.

  3. The best thing I personally can do is think locally, and make sure I’ve got what I need to weather the storm. I’m too old and beat up to go afield to bring the fight elsewhere, but if the fight comes to me they’ll find things difficult. Like when Antifa threatened to hit the suburbs, yeah good idea Binky, try to riot and block traffic in an area where the schools unofficially close on the first day of deer season.

  4. As a Texas resident, it’s tempting to feel that I’ve done what I can. My precincts went for Trump in big way and, even if my county did not, my state went for Trump in a big way. People talk of acting locally, but you know what, locally there’s not that much to do that wouldn’t take care of itself if the bigger political matrix were not completely broken. Sure, we could improve things Pinochet-style in Austin and in Houston proper. Sure, many of our representatives in D.C. are self-serving traitors (Cornyn and McCaul, I am looking at you). This is the kind of thinking that leads directly to secession, of course.
    Sitting where I sit, violent action looks more like a crusade. Let’s go liberate Jerusalems in San Diego, Detroit, Atlanta, or D.C. I don’t think so. Screw them. Leave them to their own devices.
    And for heaven’s sake, let’s stop them from coming here.
    And speaking of “muh constitution” … the 20th century amendments killed it stone dead, especially the 19th. It was a good try, but it was not designed for democracy with a heterogeneous electorate (not even for womynz). Time to move on.
    Oh, and one more thing. Any illusion about “we the people” or who the country is run for evaporates when you realize we can kill obscure Syrian war lords, but we allow Soros to run free.

  5. Sulla was the original strongman who came along and tried to fix a Republic circling the bowl because of radicals. He was brutal although admits to screwing up by letting that Caesar guy get away.
    But, like Pinochet and Franco, Sulla’s reforms didn’t outlive him by much.

  6. Well, I read that last link in its entirety and it is most definitely NOT where I stand. THIS is the hill to die on. If not this one, where? His statement that martial law may cure may be worse than the disease is puzzling to me. And his statement that he’s sure there was fraud but not sure there was enough to sway the election results just proves he is an idiot.

    You don’t need the PhDs in math to explain the statistics about how improbable Biden’s win was to figure it out. It’s simple arithmetic. Doing your sums as they used to say. I am posting this at O’Hare Airport from memory but I’m not far off. I have the links to the numbers if anyone wants them later I’ll post them. But here it is.

    There are roughly 213 million registered voters in the U.S. The turnout was 66.2% so about 141 million votes. Supposedly. There were about 74 million votes for Trump, this, at least, is not in dispute and repeated all over the MSM. The difference leaves about 67 million voters who could have votes for Biden. Yet the MSM and Biden claim he got about 81 million votes. Trump and Biden votes, therefore, total about 14 million more than actual votes cast. Everyone saying (in a vain attempt to sound ‘reasonable’ I think) they don’t know if there was enough fraud to swing the election are the subject for all those “You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you” memes.

    I’m ready. This is that hill. This is that time. Now. If this isn’t fixed—and it’s looking more and more like the last option will be the only option —the swamp won’t have to worry about Pantifa. They have to worry about us. And we’ll be a lot more selective, shall we say, in our outrage.

  7. “For the first time in my life, I’m starting to understand the appeal of a “strongman” dictator like Franco or Pinochet, because the Augean Stables that this nation has become seems to be both unworkable and irredeemable.”

    If you have ever wondered how a modern industrialized country like Germany could turn to Hitler and the National Socialists, right there is your answer.

    Please don’t misunderstand me, Kim. I am NOT saying that you are a NAZI or anything close to it. But even after reading all of the early 20th century history, people still wonder how it could happen.

    In the space of a little over ten years, the German economy took a one-two punch. First there were was the loss of WWI and the onerous diktats of the Versailles treaty. The economy crashed and burned, and the Wiemar republic could do almost nothing. Inflation got so bad that savings and pensions were completely wiped out and formerly middle-class working people were struggling just to put bread on the table. Then, in the mid twenties, the government did a currency reset in order to try and stem the runaway inflation. It worked – mostly. But then, the second punch hit home. In 29, the stock market crashed and it set off the great depression. Ours was bad enough, but in Germany, it was a total disaster. Just when they thought the worst was over, peoples lives were turned upside down again. So in their desperation, they turned to their only non-communist strongman for succor. Not all of them did. Not even a majority even. But the NAZI party did gain a plurality in the Reichstag, and in a parliamentary democracy, all it takes is that and an alliance with one or two of the other parties and it eventually leads to… The enabling act. The rest is history, as they say.

    And THAT, my friend, is what scares the hell out of me more than anything else about our present situation. We would be lucky to get a Franco or Pinochet, but we are just as likely to get a Caesar or Napoleon – or a Pol Pot, or a Mao Tse Tung – or – you-know-who. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

    1. You’re also missing the problem of the Jewish Communist terrorists. The brownshirts were a direct response to the communist terrorists in Germany (literally Antifa) who were overwhelmingly Jewish, especially at the leadership level. The National Socialists were fighting the Communists (because that is what the left does, they fight themselves as much as us) for control of post-Weimar.

      People act like it’s some kind of irrational racism from nowhere that caused the Nazis to target Jews. The reality is that it’s a natural progression from seeing that every fist, knife and bottle coming at them in the beer hall had a jewish communist behind it.

      Not every pink haired gender studies candidate is a violent communist, but it we ended up putting pink hairs in prison en masse, we would look crazy to people 80 years from now. I think that most of the people in the comments here would just nod sagely if that started happening now.

  8. Give a commie a helicopter ride, and he flies for an hour. Give a commie half a helicopter ride and he flies for the rest of his life.

  9. In the first place, we all had better get over ourselves, and get busy. We are, none of us, just cyphers of one neighborhood or precinct. We are God-fearing Conservatives, who love our, families and our country. We want what’s best for all of us through all of those. Period.

    Second: for the most part, we are not going to roll over and give up/give in just because Gropin’ Joe and his Clown Cadre are about to take over. Are we going to pack up and head for the hidden bunkers and fortresses we’ve been accused of building for the past 60 years? Well, some of us, maybe, but for the most part we’re going to remain right where we’re at. If we flee, then we’re out of sight, out of mind. The dems and their ilk will probably ignore us soon enough, and forget us not long after.

    But if we stay, we become a stone in their collective shoe. We become a nuisance, a pain, a distraction. We can do little things in the name of resisting which will serve to strengthen us and piss them off. We can demand a review of all the voting rules and regulations, done in accordance with current existing law, to see just how far a Liberal Socialist Governor can go without benefit of state congressional support. We can challenge things like purging voting lists, restricting “motor-voter” laws, and sending out mail-in ballot forms like they were coupon books from the local Piggly Wiggly, and demand proof of I.D. before your vote is counted.

    We can make a point of showing up for committee meetings and hearings, we can write letters, we can attend rallies and raise voices. We can support Conservative candidates, pass and sign their petitions, challenge the inevitable harangues and lies from the Liberal press, and do what we need to do to get our candidates elected. We can become that aggravating stone in an all too tight shoe.

    No guns. No bullets. No bombs. No fiery riots. Just strong, quiet support for Conservativism, Liberty, and America.

    Then if all this fails, we can pull out the guns, bullets, and bombs, and we can show the current Pantifa anarchists what fiery riots are really like.

  10. A) I agree about the strong man, good post above. trump was elected, we just need to put him in office.

    B) I’m with the no guns, no bombs, I fiery riots only until (and if) Gropey Joe is installed. Then it’s your last comments about teaching Pantifa how it’s done. The election was stolen, Trump won by a wide margin, no offense, you’re a “low IQ voter “ if you don’t accept that (well take offense if you want I don’t GAF), and it needs to begin on January 21st. Depending on who is in the White House that day. Sorry folks. We are at the end of the line. All passengers please disembark. This is the last stop. It is what it is. You folks who don’t want to believe it just need to catch up.

  11. Yes, it would be nice to know what the markers of that “right revolution” are, so that we’ll know it’s time when we see them.

  12. Isn’t this quote the same as “I believe in the Second Amendment, but . . .”?
    As is the case with my quote, everything Edwards said after the [but] is a lie. He doesn’t believe in revolution, he doesn’t believe in the Constitution as a document of enumerated and limited powers, only those powers delegated by the States or by the people.

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