Familiar Road

We’ve seen all this before, yea even upon this very website.  From Insty’s link comes this silliness:

Leaving aside the self-contradiction — if Socialists are all about wealth redistribution, they should have no problem with richer states supporting the poorer states, yes? — any partition of North America is more likely to look like this:

And I’ve taken the liberty of renaming the respective nation-states;  denizens of the PSSA will be called “Pissahs” (New England pronunciation) while the Constitutional Republic’s citizens will be known as “Crappies” (after the fish).

I jest, but only a little.  Some comments:

Note that in my map — which is a lot more realistic than the first one — Pennsylvania, Illinois and indeed California / Oregon / Washington will likely divide themselves up, leaving Philadelphia, Chicago and the West Coast respectively to remain the bastions of socialism they’ve become (Austin remains a blueberry in the Texan bowl of tomato soup, and Denver / Boulder would retain their joint title of “Rocky Mountain LA”).  Northern Virginia, like Chicago, can be excised from the rest of its mostly-conservative state.

As for New Mexico:  several people have told me that the “Africa of America” (cf. Doc Russia) is really more conservative than presidential elections would suggest.  I disagree.  Too much of the state is either sucking on the government’s tit (Indians) or wants to (i.e. most of its Mexican immigrants), or else they don’t give a fuck because they’re always high on peyote, so into the PSSA they go.

Finally:  I am assured by almost all my Canucki Readers that non-Vancouver B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and that other prairie state (Manitoba?) would really prefer to be part of the Constitutional Republic as drawn.  As our Socialists / Greens hate oil so much, this would relieve them of the oil sands and fracking fields contained in those erstwhile provinces, not to mention all those icky gun-loving knickledraggers who are more like Middle Americans (whom the Left likewise despise).  Me, I say “Welcome aboard!”  I would most certainly not extend that welcome to people from Ontario (unless they split themselves away from Toronto), and as for the Frog Quebeckers, fuck ’em and their strange un-American language.  I don’t care aboot the hundred or so people who live in Nova Scotia;  they can decide for themselves.

Feel free to disagree with my hypothesis in Comments.


  1. Either of those maps would be a massive improvement over the current situation. I really wish I’d followed your advice to stock up on guns and ammo over the past several years. I don’t know whether we’re going to see a shooting war or not (a lot of what I’m seeing online looks like either whistling past the graveyard [“trust the plan”] or keyboard warriors blowing off steam) or a rapid descent into Venezuela del Norte. I don’t want either, but of the two I’d prefer the former, and I never thought I’d live to see that choice presented:-(.

  2. Much of the moral/political/philosophical divide is rural vs. urban. However a new division comes out any red area will have big cities and they need to be separate and city folk have no business writing laws for rural areas and small towns and vice versa.

    Alberta has 2 fairly large towns, Calgary and Edmonton, both of which have an awful lot of lefties hanging about, especially Edmonton which as capital has the government and the big university, both foul nests of commie vipers. Rural Alberta is ultra-conservative.

    Ontario and Quebec which you have excluded has Toronto and Montreal, which are very large, some other fairly big cities and they’re all leftish. Quebec is 595,391 square miles, Ontario is 350,815 square miles as compared with Texas at 268,580. ON and PQ are mostly rural and mostly conservative.

    Let’s re-create the Hanseatic league, make the big cities states/provinces and create a constitution where urban and rural can’t fuck with each other.

  3. The sad part is that a huge percentage of that “red states are supporting blue states” meme is from old people moving to blue states and collecting Social Security, because they can’t afford to live comfortably in the places they spent most of their working lives.

    It also counts highway spending – and a lot of the money spent on things like interstate highways really only goes to make it easier to move things from one coast to the other, or to move cheap food from red states to blue states.

    That’s not even addressing the military spending issue – they count the budgets for bases in their spending balance, while not noticing that a lot of that money goes for expenditures on things from other states. This doesn’t even address the “where did the money come from?” issue.

    They also pretend that blue states did all of that “tax money production,” while carefully glossing over the actual flow of cash, or where the physical production was done in the first place. So when a massive agricultural company makes billions in profits from corn grown in Iowa, they pay taxes in the blue state where they’re headquartered, like ADM in Chicago.

    1. Do you mean the “Blue States Supporting Red States”?
      Way back when the colors were switched (Clinton’s first election, I believe) it was because of Reds not wanting to identify as Reds, and it was optically better to identify the Constitutionalists as Reds, i.e. Redcoats.
      As Cirby points out , the idea that the Blue states support the Red states as the Siskind Segregation claims is, as we used to say in Aerospace, “All Honked Up”
      And while we did say “Honked”, we didn’t mean “Honked”

    2. Shhh. Don’t tell them. This is our best shot for getting them to agree. They will find out after the divorce.

      1. Many of them will NEVER figure it out. Keep in mind, these are the imbeciles who think that turning the private car fleet into electric cars, run on batteries with seriously limited lives that are horribly toxic to create AND dispose of constitutes an environmental improvement.

  4. The blue spot in Colorado should be moved northeast–Teller County, where it’s presently shown, was rated as the most heavily armed county in the USA a few years ago.

  5. Surrounded cities like Denver and Austin just have to suck it up and accept that they no longer have control. If the residents don’t like it, they can move. We’re absolutely accepting of Blue Flight. I think that NM would likely suddenly become part of the Productive States. As you said, they are mostly layabouts who just want to have the government give them the barest of livings. I think it’s a small price to pay to not have to have that border. In any event, the more ambitious layabouts (relatively speaking) will all move to the Coasts to get that sweet sweet welfare anyway.

  6. Quick question, does possession equal 9/10’s of the law?

    Unrelated question, where are all the nuclear missile silos located in the new map?

    Asking for a friend.

  7. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for awhile.
    Make it happen.

    Federal dollars also include military bases and .gov land maintenance.

  8. In reality, the West Coast is even less blue than Kim depicts.
    Coastal California and Oregon, from North of San Francisco to just South of Eugene are quite red, and not in Communist sense of the word.
    It might be more accurate to color blue the areas that have denser populations, cities above 35,000 people, for example (or within 25 miles of Portland)

    1. There’s a huge chunk of Southern Oregon that filed a motion to leave Oregon and join Idaho. IIRC, it’s pretty much the entire southern portion of the state from the Idaho border to the coast.

      1. There’s a section of northern California that’s been talking about leaving California and joining with southeast Oregon to form the state of Jefferson for decades now.

        And a lot of the timber country along the coast, from California up to the Olympic peninsula, voted Dem for a long, long time, because of the timber worker unions.

        But those are blue collar unions, not .gov worker unions, and there support began to shift with the whole spotted owl thing. Greens are not popular with timber workers.

  9. RE: New Mexico:

    You forgot that a lot of New Mexican inhabitants are more-or-less on the federal payroll–there’s some large DoE installations and IIRC a bunch of military facilities.

  10. Urbanites probably understand their food comes from Jesusland, but think they could buy it from somewhere else. What most of them fail to realize is their power generation and water also is coming from Jesusland too. When you’re schlepping a 5gallon bucket (assuming you have one) down to the East River to get drinking water things may change.

    1. Cities grew where they did for economic or .gov reasons. Not because they were necessary from a survival perspective.

      1. Yes. Every time I hear that Los Angeles imports more food than it produces, or water, or energy, I remember what a coworker said a number of years ago; “A city is not self-supporting in anything” — except maybe clerks in offices making projections and budgets and expenditure records. All the things a modern economy seems to need in ever growing proportions to actually making the stuff people buy for everyday living.

        1. Without electricity these urban areas would be literally wading through piles of their own shit within a week or two. The more difficult thing to overcome is the sympathetic sob story, matriarchs who just can’t abide seeing aholes get what they have earned

  11. Disagree.

    Definitions are important.
    The marxists are defining entire state populations as ‘for marxists’ aka blue or ‘for freedom’ aka red.

    We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon aka ‘goofball central’.
    A miniscule fraction of the city-folk are marxists.
    Nobody outside their circular back-pat convention sees any need for marxists or any other form of bureaucracy.

    Designating the entire population within artificial boundaries (aka ‘state’) as marxists is inaccurate.
    Designating the entire population outside of TheChosenFew as freedom-loving supporters of the traditional Constitutional Republic is equally inaccurate.

    Instead, how about drawing the line between the two groups this way:
    * folks with a sense of humor,
    * marxists.

  12. Not bad, but with the exception of ALL of Nunavut, the majority of the northern provinces would likely choose to be ‘red’….and as contrary as it may sound, most of northern Quebec: Picture a line from about the SE corner of Hudson’s Bay to the mouth of the St Lawrence River…This also keeps the incredibly large James Bay hydro plants in the hands of people that can actually RUN it… Which adds a lot of land, and damned few people.

    Of course, we’d keep Yukon and the NWT because of resources.. Probably want to keep the Maritime provinces (at least Newfoundland and Labrador) for the same reasons, but the inhabitants would have to start speaking english.

      1. Both. And enough with the totally fictitious ‘bilingual’ bullshit they have going up there. Except for Quebec, far fewer than 10% of the population is francophone….there is no reason why the government must service them. The schools in anglophone Canada spend a huge amount of money teaching french, with poor results: The schools in francophone Canada have few to no results in attempting to teach English.

        The Canadian military has about 8% native french speakers, but it is impossible for a member to proceed to middle ranks or higher unless they are fluent in french: There is no requirement that the francophones be able to speak english.

        And my Canadian wife (anglophone) would have to stress out for a year, one in five, to study for, take, and wait for the results of her language competency exams, tests that francophones are not required to test in english for.

        1. Language usage in the Canuck military:
          I’m sure this is about to change. The force will be “encouraged” to learn Han.

  13. This is not my idea, nor do I think it will ever be implemented, at least not without bloodshed, but why not a state-level electoral college? Each county gets one electoral vote in every state, and the candidate with the most wins. This would keep large urban areas from controlling an entire state.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m ooooff to see the wizard!

    1. There has been advanced a plan to get around the Warren Courts’ “One Man, One Vote” idiocy when it comes to “State Senates”:
      Mimick the original method of choosing U.S. Senators (before the Prog abomination 17th-A was adopted) by having a State Senator chosen by each county’s County Commission/Board of Supervisors/whatever. If the original method passed Constitutional muster for 130-some years, it should be still good and we can return to a balance of People v. Land once more within the Several States.
      Then, those two EC votes that each of the Several States possess in the Electoral College will reflect something other than the wishes of the largest metropolitan area in that state. Trying to change the apportionment within states of EC votes before making the method of choosing State Senators other than my popular vote, would be a thankless, and impossible, task.

  14. One part of NM that needs to go with Texas, and that’s White Sands Missile Range (which includes the Trinity site) and Holloman AFB.

    White Sands actually forms most of the training area for Fort Bliss, TX, home of the First Armored Division. Tankers need lots of room to play and shoot their big guns.

  15. it’s a shame that there isn’t a dot of red in New Hampshire. They just flipped their legislature to freedom loving folks. They have a stronger than usual influence from Libertarians so they might legalize drug abuse.

    I think these little islands contrary to their surroundings would end up withering.

    When the American War for Independence and the US Civil War occurred, there was already a geographical as well as socio-economic political divide. Now what we’re seeing is the poles diverging as people leave the totalitarian nanny states for Free America. Tesla is moving to Texas and I believe Oracle is moving as well. I hope this isn’t a Free State inspired project to move liberal progressive statist Democrats into Texas to change its current Free America attitude and Electoral College voting.


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