Dept. Of Righteous Shootings – International Division

So over in Brazil, these three mopes decide on doing a little undocumented clothes shopping, and call on a local emporium, waving a gun in the owner’s face etc. etc.

Whereupon Our Hero pulls out his own gun and shoots all three dead[pause to let the massive applause and cheers die down]

Now there are a couple of noteworthy aspects to this happy little episode.

 1) El Grandes Huevos had the gun pointed at him when he pulled his own gun
2) from his waistband, and
3) kept shooting until it was all over.

To recap:  no sexy quick-draw holster, no quick reloads.  Just eight(?) bullets and two brass balls.

We should all be so manly.

Good Guy 3, Choirboys 0.


  1. In a just world, Our Hero would be compensated for ammunition expended by the local authorities.

  2. Looks like he threw in a few anchor shots for good measure. That would doubtless get him prosecuted in some jurisdictions here.

  3. Anecdotes ≠ evidence of course, but I seem to stumble across a ton of these vids from Brazil. Never been there & know nothing about the culture. It’d be interesting to know how common sense John Wayne-ism seems to have become so enshrined there.

  4. Does look like he did some after-action triage (You ain’t gonna make it, neither are you.) on the no-longer-turning-their-lives-around guud-bois.

    With their own gun.


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